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Marco Fabián Almost Blew the Lover Undercover Cast’s Secret for This Reason

Would you recognize these famous soccer stars if they were walking down the street? That posed a problem on Love Undercover

By Stephanie Gomulka

The international soccer players in Love Undercover had trouble keeping their true lives under wraps while filming, but one guy in particular struggled with the "undercover" part of Love Undercover.

The all-star cast includes Jamie O’Hara, Ryan BabelLloyd Jones, Marco Fabián, and Sebastián Fassi. They were assigned fake careers to see if they spark up authentic romances without the women knowing about their fame and fortune.

The players spoke to USA Insider ahead the premiere and shared what, or who, almost spoiled their secret.   

Marco Fabián being Recognized by Fans Almost Blew the Love Undercover Crew’s Cover

Fabián’s impressive resume includes an Olympic Gold Medal, appearing in the World Cup twice, and playing as a beloved attacking midfielder. He has a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram, so it comes as no surprise the Mexican soccer player has a dedicated fan base, even in the United States.

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Fabián had trouble keeping up the ruse because fans would acknowledge him when they filmed dates or moments of the show in public, he explained to USA Insider. The soccer star was posing as a general manager of a restaurant.

Love Undercover 103Lloyd Jones, Ryan Babel, Marco Fabián, Jamie O’Hara, and Jackie J. appear in Love Undercover

“Marco’s the most famous guy…out of us in America,” O’Hara said about his castmate. “Everyone knew Marco.”

Fabián attributes being recognized so often while filming to a lot of his fans being based in the U.S.

“For me, it was really difficult,” Fabián said about the filming process.

The ordeal made him nervous when he did have to go out on dates with girls from the show and was approached by fans.

Fabián was recognized so often some of the other guys avoided hanging out with him outside of the apartment while filming, O’Hara said.

“Cause literally as soon as you walked out of the apartment, it was, ‘Hey, Marco, Marco!,” O’Hara said. “I was like, what the f-ck is going on?”

Which Love Undercover Star Couldn't Keep Their Secret?

Fabián’s fame might’ve come close to blowing the international athletes’ covers, but it wasn’t the only source of concern.

“Lloyd was always going to be the one that would stitch us up, though, in the apartment with the girls,” O’Hara said. “Lloyd, like, because he’s brain dead, like he doesn’t think clearly…he shoots from the hip.”

Jones’ nerves could've disrupted the show, according to O’Hara.

“He gets nervous when he gets put in a situation, his face goes red,” O’Hara said. “He’s like a big tomato and all of a sudden, you start thinking, this guy’s going to blow the whole thing here. We’re going to have to stop filming because these guys just killed the whole show.”

Lloyd Jones, Marco Fabian, Jamie Ohara, Ryan Babel appear in Love Undercover Season 1 Episode 1.

Jones came to his own defense though.

“[O’Hara] throws me under the bus in everything,” Jones said. “All the time.”

He went on to point his finger at Babel as the person who may have come closest to ruining their secret. Babel’s fake job as a general contractor cover started to get more elaborate and prestigious in his tales to the women in the first few episodes, which Jones highlighted.

“I don’t know how I’m getting this when Ryan’s saying he’s building…one of the tallest buildings in the world,” Jones said. Babel falsely touted building the Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper in Dubai, which happens to be the world’s tallest skyscraper. “I wasn’t great. I’m not taking anything away from that, but yeah, Ryan started wearing more and more designers as the show went on.”

Babel got "richer" as the show went on, Fassi joked. For Babel, he claims he was just having fun.

"I had to try and be creative to make it interesting," Babel said about his decision to throw in the Burj Khalifa into his backstory. "That got their attention."

"Yeah, but you were meant to just be a construction worker, and you made it sound like you built the Burj Khalifa," O'Hara quickly interrupted. "You just took your job as an average guy and made it look like a multi-million pound guy who builds the f-ck-ng Burj Khalifa. That's what you did. You made yourself interesting. That wasn't-that wasn't the deal."

Kick off your binge with the first three episodes of Love Undercover only on Peacock now. With an additional 3 episodes dropping both on Thursday, May 16 and Thursday, May 23.

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