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Broken Beds And Wacky Bird Theories: The Funniest 'Love Island' USA Moments

Amid all the drama and heartbreak, "Love Island USA" has played home to some pretty hilarious reality TV moments over the years. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Love Island USA” is a show about finding love and breaking hearts. However, amid all the drama there are sometimes hilarious moments as the clueless singles make their way through one of life's biggest challenges in front of the whole world. 

Since coming on the air in 2019, there have been a lot of single people coming to the island, so obviously, it can’t all be steamy hookups and flirtatious game-playing. Sometimes, they’re busted doing some embarrassing things and having a laugh with their fellow islanders about it.

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While there are a lot of funny things happening in each episode of “Love Island USA,” below are a few standouts from the past four seasons. 

Lap Dance Awkwardness

Love Island Funny Moments Dylan

In Season 1, the men and women were tasked with donning some sexy costumes and putting on a show for each other one by one. First up was Dylan, who set the bar really low with his construction worker getup. Although his moves weren’t amazing, his prop work and puns were excellent. 

“No one likes a tool,” he says before performing. 

By his own admission, he’s not a great dancer and it showed. As the girls lovingly giggled at his performance, he felt confident about it afterward while delivering one of the most puzzling lines in the show’s history. 

“I have no clue what just happened,” he says. “I kind of just blacked out … When in doubt, just jump on them, you know?”

Still, Alexandra later stepped up in the sexiest costume she could think of: a hot dog. So he wasn't the only one making puzzling decisions that night.

Five Pies

Love Island Funny Moments Cinco

One of the greatest love stories on the show was doubtlessly Cashay and Cinco from Season 3. However, their romance was not without its rocky moments. For example, after initially choosing to pair up with Cashay, he left her for Trina. However, he rethought that decision, but not before she moved on with Charlie.

With the damage done, when it came time for the game "Smooch, Marry, Pie," the whole house knew that Cinco had stepped in it and it was time to make him pay. 

First off, Cashay stepped up after choosing to marry Charlie to deliver a pie right in her ex's face, saying “He didn’t want me when I wanted him and now he’s making my life confusing.” The pies didn’t stop there, though. Genevieve, Olivia, Shannon, and Trina all came up next and delivered some just desserts right into the heartbreaker’s face. 

Fortunately, he was a good spirit about it and accepted the pies for the punishment they were. 

Baby Troubles

Love Island Funny Moments Cely

In Season 2, the couples were given fake babies to care for as a test of how they’d do in a more serious relationship outside the villa. While everyone struggled to some degree, it’s this moment from Cely that stands out. She has so much trouble getting the fake baby doll to stop crying throughout the challenge that, at one point, she picks it up and scurries off to find her partner, Johnny. 

She finds him taping a confessional, which she’s not supposed to interrupt but does anyway. She’s just that frazzled by the whole thing. But the doll stops crying literally the second she passes it to him. Fortunately for the audience, he isn't shy about making fun of her. 

“I know,” he says comfortingly to the baby doll. “Mommy scares you, I know.” 

Deb’s Thoughts On ‘Birds’

Love Island Funny Moments Deb

Deb says a lot of funny things on “Love Island USA” Season 4 … Like, a lot. However, her most hilarious moment was when she revealed her bird theory to Mady. 

“Do you think birds are real?" she asks Mady while they lounge by the pool. "Sometimes I think they're little robots from the government and that's why they sit on power lines, to recharge."

It’s worth noting that this is a pretty popular, and hopefully not serious, meme on social media. Although there’s a mountain of “evidence” that birds are just robots or something like that, it’s Deb’s deadpan delivery that makes this a “Love Island USA” moment for the ages. 

She probably doesn't really believe that, right? 

Every Time A Bed Gets Broken

Love Island Funny Moments Bed

It happens more often than you’d think on “Love Island USA,”  but rarely for the reason you’d assume. Too often, people will test out their new beds by excitedly jumping on them, which leads to the worst noise you can hear in the villa: the unmistakable sound of someone’s bed busting at the box spring. 

It's happened on the show because of a dogpile on friends, a muscular grown-up jumping up and down, and this hilarious bromantic hug that upset Cinco, who was left without a place to sleep — unless he didn’t mind the huge divot at the foot of his bed, of course.

However, in a game where it matters who ends up sleeping with who, it’s tough to have a broken bed in the villa. 

Catch up on “Love Island” Season 4 on Peacock right now. 

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