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Where Is The 'Love Island' Season 3 Cast Today?

"Love Island" Season 3 may be done, but are all the top couples from the show? See where fan favorites like Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser are today. 

By Tyler McCarthy

In 2021, the third collection of steamy young singles from the United States joined the cast of “Love Island USA” to see if they could find love — or at least walk away with a little cash. 

Like always, a lot of drama unfolded on the screen as the show threw every twist and turn the paired-up singles could handle. However, now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the final pairings have been decided, how many of them lasted in the real world

Here's a rundown of where the top four couples from Season 3 of “Love Island USA” landed today. 

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Charlie Lynch & Alana Paolucci

This couple, who had a very controversial pairing late in the season, ended up in fourth place. However, their bond didn’t last much longer once the cameras stopped rolling.

Since the show ended, both have significantly ramped up their presence on social media and even started working with some high-profile brands to help expand their profile thanks to their newfound reality TV fame. 

You can find them both on social media (her on Cameo as well), promoting various businesses and branching out in the world of modeling and fashion.

Jeremy Hershberg & Bailey Marshall

Although Marshall came to the game late, she sparked an instant connection with Hershberg that took them all the way to a third-place finish in the game. Unfortunately, like many “Love Island USA” couples, that didn’t last long. Mere weeks after the show ended, they split up. 

Today, they’re both enjoying very lucrative careers in modeling. She is working with major brands and keeping up a constant presence on social media. Meanwhile, he is a fitness model and testing out some more creative endeavors such as his @Cinemaphoric Instagram account, which posts stills and other moments from his favorite pieces of cinema. 

Currently, both appear to be single. 

Will Moncada & Kyra Lizama

This couple paired up on Day 2 of Season 3 and remained steadfast in their commitment to each other throughout the season (with the major exception of his brief Casa Amor temptation). That’s why they were an easy runner-up in the show. However, like many couples who leave the show together, their relationship didn’t last. Shortly after the show ended, they called it quits. 

However, roughly seven months later, they seemed to imply they’d gotten back together. First, Us Weekly reported they seemed to be acting cozy with one another at a public event, and then, they all but confirmed it on social media by showing that they went to his native Columbia together.

Today, they’re going strong and even revealed they adopted a dog in November

Korey Gandy & Olivia Kaiser

These two ended up winning the entire season, taking home the grand prize of $100,000 and true love … for a time. 

They announced their split months after the show ended. He explained on Instagram that he was grateful for the time they spent together and the growth he achieved, but ultimately the mutual decision to break up came from losing the idyllic setting of the show and having to face real-world struggles, according to PEOPLE

Now, they’re both thriving with lucrative influencer careers. He’s even found success with an OnlyFans account and has been dipping his toe into the world of merchandising, specifically with his “what the freak” catchphrase. Kaiser too has been thriving on social media and in her modeling career. In addition, she is getting into business for herself with her beauty and skincare line, LivBeautifullyAz. In addition, she’s appearing on Season 38 of “The Challenge.” 

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