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Cely & Justine Share Behind-the-Scenes Details of the Hottest Love Island Games Challenge Yet

From sexy costumes to risque moves, Love Island Games' Heart Rate Challenge was a hot one. Cely and Justine shared some behind-the-scenes details. 

By Shameika Rhymes
Split of Cely and Justine

Love Island Games is notorious for having Islanders get risqué during challenges like truth or dare, raunchy races, what is this liquid, and spin the bottle, and in Episode 12, the "Heart Rate Challenge."

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The Heart Rate Challenge consists of the guys and girls dressing up in barely-there costumes, with every couple's goal being to raise everyone’s heart rate while they dance together — and then separately in these scantily clad outfits. With everyone wearing a heart rate monitor, the Islanders take their turns to dance on the opposite sex with a strip tease. At the end of the challenge, the couple that raises the heart rates the most wins the challenge. The one that doesn’t make the heart jump a little, is vulnerable. 

Cely and Justine — two fan favorites of the season and finalists on Love Island USA — have been doing recaps on YouTube sharing their thoughts and sharing a behind-the-scenes look. And, boy, did they have thoughts on the Heart Rate Challenge.

Who won Love Island Games' Heart Rate Challenge?

In Episode 12, while Johnny was gyrating and raising heart rates, he tossed his hat, hitting Cely right in the face. He claimed it was an accident. 

The challenge was cutthroat, from whispering heart-thumping things in each other’s ears to kissing, and dominatrix behavior, it was hard to look away. 

Justine and Jack ended up being vulnerable to elimination and besties Justine and Cely attributed their loss to the order of the challenge. Jess and Ray, and Carrington and Kyra were also up for elimination. In the end, the Islanders voted to send Carrington and Kyra home. Callum and Liberty were crowned the Power Couple from the challenge.

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For their YouTube series, viewers asked if Cely and Justine thought the results of this week’s challenge were rigged.

“We don’t think the results were rigged. Justine and Jess were the last to go after a 2-to-3-hour break. We were exhausted, it must have been probably 4 a.m.,” Cely explained.

"We had to come out and get super like resting heart rates and everybody was just tired," Justine added.

Justine and Cely hold hands

“I think it’s also against the law to rig that stuff, there’s laws for that,” said Cely. She also shared that she got insider information from production that you cannot rig challenges. 

The Heart Rate Challenge costumes

When it came to the sexy outfits they each had to wear for the challenge, Cely and Justine weren’t happy with their costumes — but all's fair in Love Island Games.

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Justine explained how the decisions were made: “They put everyone’s name in a hat and picked it and that was the order we got to pick our costumes. I think I was second to last to pick and when I went there was not much left so I had to work with that wedding outfit I wore."

So while they might have chosen different costumes if they'd had their pick, sometimes it just comes down to the draw. 

Favorite routines of the Heart Rate Challenge

When Love Island Games fans inquired about who their favorite couple dances were, Cely loved her best friend Justine’s dancing. Justine quipped back, “I would say [yours is my favorite] but you were out here sucking on my man’s finger.” But ultimately, she chose Kyra and Carrington’s as her favorites.  

We can’t wait to see what heart-raising, pearl-clutching challenge is next on Love Island Games

Love Island Games is streaming now on Peacock.

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