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Our 5 Favorite Moments from Love Island Games’ Deleted Scenes Special

All of the deleted scenes, secrets, and hilariousness are in the Love Island Games "Unseen Bits" special.

By Shameika Rhymes
Cely Vazquez and Toby Aromolaran sit on a slide

Love Island Games is full of couples, connections, challenges, and uncouplings. But what happens during the scenes that never make it to air on the Peacock dating reality show? The Love Island Games "Unseen Bits" special is full of those deleted scenes that help bridge the gap between the Love Islanders from across the world. 

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There were so many moments to choose from but, here are just a few of our favorite moments from Love Island Games' "Unseen Bits" special. 

Oui oui don’t know how to French kiss

Love Island Games's Steph

One would think that men of a certain age and especially from around the world that have been on Love Island before would know how to French kiss. But, apparently, that’s not the case.

Callum asked the fellas “Isn’t there such a thing as a French kiss?” And mayhem ensued.

Callum thought it depended upon where you sit, and as he tried to demonstrate it with Jack, Steph, being from France, got a little heated about the ridiculousness of it all. Needless to say, the men need some extra lessons on the proper ways and names of kissing. 

Cringeworthy moments

There’s always the fear of walking in on the parents doing the nasty, but what about when your parents see or hear you doing it on national — err international television? Jessica shared a story about the Love Island Australia Hideaway episode when she was viewing it with her parents and cousins, and they heard her moans through the surround sound. Talk about cringe. 

Casting a spell 

Cely tells the ladies a witchcraft love spell is the way to get a guy to fall in love with you and have him eating out of the palm of your hand. What is it? You gotta “spit in his mouth.”

Lucky for her (and maybe all the ladies), the next deleted scene shows off some moments from the "Most Wanted" challenge where there’s plenty of spitting (and disgust) to go around. 

Johnny gets vulnerable

Love Island Games's Johnny

Johnny reveals he missed a couple of years in his life, and it wasn’t from drinking and partying. He shared that he had been struck by lightning while riding his bike and was in a coma for two years and that’s how he got the scar on his head. After Jessica believed him, he says, just kidding. He actually got the scar by playing tag when he was a toddler. He showed off his storytelling skills for real. 

We dare you

We all know when Truth or Dare is played in a dating show scenario, things can get a little spicy. It was no different in the Love Island Games villa. From three-way kisses to a "decking" and fake orgasms, every dare that the contestants said "bring it on" was a shocker. 

We can’t wait to see what else will unfold as the games continue and new bombshells arrive! 

You can see all these moments and more for yourself in Love Island Games Season 1, Episode 10, now streaming on Peacock.

Love Island Games is streaming now on Peacock, with new episodes streaming six days a week.

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