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Love Island Games Finalist Aurelia Was Shocked to Learn About All the Johnny Hate

Plus, she dishes on where she and Johnny are at in their relationship after the Games.

By Shameika Rhymes
Aurelia and Johnny pose together in the villa

This story contains spoilers for the finale of Love Island Games Season 1.

From the moment Love Island Games bombshell Johnny Middlebrooks kissed his way into the villa, it’s been non-stop drama, from the run-in with his ex Cely Vazquez to the women he left in his wake all in the name of love and money. Johnny ended up in the finals coupled up with Aurelia Lamprecht. Although they didn’t win Love Island Games, they did gain a connection with each other. 

USA Insider spoke with Aurelia about her connection with Johnny and where they stand today. 

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Aurelia didn’t know about Johnny’s past ahead of Love Island Games

Once Johnny entered the show, he tried to make amends with Cely but went about it while trying to woo Imani Wheeler. Since Imani was interested in Ray Gantt, Johnny started to explore other options, including Liberty Poole and Jessica Losurdo.

Ultimately, Johnny paired up with Jessica, a relationship that had its share of ups and downs. Enter bombshell Courtney Boerner, who caused havoc in the Villa after she chose Johnny. It was revealed that Johnny told Courtney he had been waiting for someone like her to walk into the villa, and that led to an angry Jess.

Before they could explore their newfound partnership, though, new singles, including Aurelia Lamprecht from Love Island Germany Season 4, were thrown into the mix. Johnny was drawn to Aurelia and that offended Courtney.

When Johnny chose his final partner, he went with Aurelia, who had no idea what she was walking into when she entered the villa.

“I didn’t know about any drama. No one told me. I only saw it when the show came out that he was with Liberty, the drama with Jess, no one told me that or about his ex,” Aurelia told USA Insider

Aurelia initially connected with another single

While Johnny had his eyes on Aurelia when she entered the villa, she actually made a connection with someone else.

“When I came in, I was first of all attracted to Mike. We had a good connection, he was so nice to me, but it wasn’t shown. On the other side, I was attracted to Johnny too, but I was respecting the connection he had with Courtney,” Aurelia explained. She added that she only opened up to getting to know Johnny once Courtney told him she wanted to be open to other connections, and then Johnny wanted to be with Aurelia. 

Aurelia didn’t know about all the Johnny hate

Aurelia and Johnny pose together dressed as car mechanics

From the moment Johnny arrived on Love Island Games, viewers have been on social media calling out his behavior, especially once it was revealed why he and Cely broke up over nachos.

How things played out in the villa with the other ladies didn't help matters, either.

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“He’s a beautiful soul, I feel very sad that he gets so much hate," Aurelia said. "I mean the things with Jess and Liberty was not the nicest, and Courtney too. I can say that to me, he was the sweetest guy ever. He treated me with so much respect ... I cannot say that he’s a bad guy, because, in my opinion, he was always genuine and honest.”

Are Johnny Middlebrooks and Aurelia still together?

Aurelia explained that post-Love Island Games they aren’t together, but that’s not to say it won’t happen in the future.

“He treats me with so much respect even today. We talk two times a week; he always checks on me to see if I’m good. He is an honest man," she explained.

Of course, the distance is a big factor: She is in Germany and Johnny is in the United States.

“It’s hard to describe what we have because I cannot say it is a friendship, but I cannot say we really date because of the distance, but maybe we look at what can happen in the future," she said. "This was a big experience and so much happened on social media, and I think we both just need time. I’m thankful that we have each other and are talking to each other. It means a lot to me."

All episodes of Love Island Games are now streaming on Peacock.

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