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'You Did That, Girl!': Mariel Swan, Whitney Dillon Reveal The Best Advice They've Heard

Mariel Swan and Whitney Dillon did a rapid-fire Q&A where they got personal about some important queestions. 

By Tyler McCarthy
Whitney and Mariel standing in front of a navy blue back drop

Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan are the latest stars of “Life In The Fast Lane” to get the rapid-fire question treatment where, like their husbands, they shared the best advice they’ve ever heard. 

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The duo, who are best friends, business partners and, now, reality TV co-stars, sat down for a fun interview where they revealed fun personal details. They were asked about things like their middle names (Whitney Jade Dillon and Mariel Angelique Swan), their favorite TV shows (“Family Matters” and “The Nanny”) and who they’d like to have dinner with (Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce). 

One of the questions had each of them revealing the best piece of advice they've heard that they try to live by. Mariel, the daughter of a pastor and the group’s resident person of faith, answered first. 

“Always bringing God in the room with you,” she said. 

Whitney followed suit, adding that the best piece of advice she got was to “always have a humble heart.” 

How have they fared in life under those pieces of advice? Well, another question asked them what their teenage self would think of them if they could see them today. Both of them felt pretty confident that the younger versions of themselves would be proud of the women they became. 

“If my teenage self could see me, she’d be like ‘the whole thing, you did that, girl!” Whitney said before adding “Woo!”

Mariel noted: “She would be really impressed with the fact that I’m happily married.” 

Mariel is married to her best friend’s husband’s best friend, Paul Swan, who works as a tire carrier for Austin Dillon’s Richard Childress Racing NASCAR team. She even said during the rapid-fire question round that she wishes she could relive her wedding day over again simply because it was such a happy moment for her. 

Whitney, meanwhile noted that she would relive her husband Austin’s biggest victory in NASCAR, the day he won the Daytona 500

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