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USA Insider Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane

'This Business Is Very Serious': Austin And Whitney Dillon Talk Balancing Work and Play

Whitney and Austin Dillon are excited to show how they work and play on "Life In The Fast Lane."

By Tyler McCarthy
Austin Dillon and His Wife Whitney Dillon From Life in the Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane” shows the lives of Whitney and Austin Dillon as they travel the country competing in NASCAR races while trying to soak up as much fun on each trip as possible. However, with so much on the line with each race, how does the family manage the work/life balance? 

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The premiere of the USA Network reality show saw the group travel to Florida for the famous Daytona 500. The race is about as high-stakes as it gets, but the group still managed to have some fun and enjoy some great food along the way (alligator bites, anyone?)

Speaking to USA Insider, Austin and Whitney explained what they’ve learned over the years when it comes to making sure they put the work first without neglecting their much-needed playtime

Austin explained that it all comes down to the timing of the trips. For some, they only last about a weekend before they’re back home in North Carolina. For others, they get weeks at a time, which is when the fun begins. 

“We've been doing that for a couple of years now. Like, that's just a fun time to kind of enjoy yourself. We have one 'off' weekend this year, and we just had it. Um, we went to the Bahamas, and took our time there. But you've got to find time to kind of enjoy the family, and see new things and experiences.”

He continued: “Because, if not, it's just one race after another, and you get into that rhythm. You forget this is fun. We've got to enjoy it. We're in a cool place right now. We're going to a different state each and every weekend. We need to get out, or you just stay in your bus all weekend.”

Austin admitted that there were times when he would get too focused on the work and would miss out on the wonderful potential in all these cities. 

“You kind of get in this routine where you don't get out, you don't enjoy it,” he said. “But this is an awesome opportunity that only 40 drivers on any given weekend in the whole world get to do. It's a dream of so many people. And so we're very fortunate that we get to do this. It's pretty cool, and I'm glad we're showing it to everyone.” 

Whitney, who doesn't race but leans heavily on her roots as a professional cheerleader to keep her husband and his team in good spirits and well-represented in the crowd, agreed. She too noted that they frequently remind themselves what a rare opportunity their lifestyle affords them.

“You know, this life, it, it's really fun, but it's difficult,” she explained. “So, I think that you've got to make the most of anything in life. That's just how it is. And so I just go all out on my outfits and I try to bring a fun element to it. Because this business is very serious. And you know, he's going 200 miles an hour on the racetrack. So, I just always try to lift everybody's spirits up.”

Whitney added: “I'm a cheerleader at heart, so I try to cheer on my boys Ace and Austin. I just try to bring a fun element. So I go all out in my love for Austin and so you guys will get to see this in the show.” 

Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane” airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on USA Network.