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'Less Is Always More': Mariel Swan, Whitney Dillon Show Off Makeup Tutorial For Race Day & More

The ladies of "Life In The Fast Lane" give a makeup tutorial to show how they make their eyes and lips look so good. 

By Tyler McCarthy

Former cheerleaders Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan take their job of cheering on their husbands, Austin and Paul, very seriously. As a result, they know better than most how important it is to look good throughout the day. 

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Now, they’re showing fans of “Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane” how they create their signature looks as well as what makeup products they use to achieve them. The duo, who co-founded a jewelry brand and have been best friends for years, sat down in their makeup chairs and each ran through two looks that fans can recreate. 

Mariel kicked things off by showing viewers how she does her winged eye look before putting on fake eyelashes. 

“This whole tutorial is going to show you how to take your daytime makeup to nighttime,” she says. 

Holding her favorite eyeliner, Mariel continues: “The first thing I do is take it and then I start where my hood starts and then I create a little ‘V’ on one side, and then from there, I’ll take it on the line, thread it through and then fill it in. Then it’s a perfect wing for hooded eyes.”

She repeats the steps on the other eye before busting out her and Whitney’s personal favorite eyelashes, made by the brand Reign. Mariel suggests bending the lash a bit to make it more flexible and less rigid before applying it. In the video, she only puts on her left eyelash in order to show the viewer the difference between the look with them and without. 

“The drama,” she said of the eyelash side. “This one … she’s more like every day.” 

With that, Whitney takes control and shows off how she does her lips every day using “lip-liner nude No. 1.” 

“If you’re like me, you always want bigger lips,” she says. “It’s like, no matter how big your lips get, they can always be bigger.” 

She instructs the viewer on how to overline before applying lipstick by NARS. Then it’s time for her “all-time favorite” lip gloss, Buzom’s Samantha. 

“Less is always more when you’ve got makeup,” Whitney concludes. “Even if you’ve got heavy makeup, you want it to look like you don’t have a lot of makeup on even if you do. So that is the key with makeup.” 

You can see the ladies’ looks in action every week on “Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane,” with new episodes airing Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on USA Network.