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'Life In The Fast Lane' Stars Whitney Dillon & Mariel Swan Reveal The One Fight They've Had

Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan are besties on "Life In The Fast Lane," but that doesn't mean they always agree on everything.

By Tyler McCarthy
Litfl Whitney Mariel

Best friends Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan put their friendship to the test with a lightning round of questions to prove how well they know each other. 

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The stars of “Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane” have been best friends for most of their lives and now they’re showcasing their close bond every week on TV. To help prove just how much they tell each other on a daily basis, though, they sat down and answered a series of personal questions about each other such as Whitney’s first car (a two-seater Audi convertible) and Mariel’s most-used emoji (the crying-laughing face). 

However, as anyone with a close bestie knows, no matter how much you get alone, you don’t always agree on everything. When it came to the question “What are we most likely to argue about?” Whitney revealed that they’ve only ever had one fight in their history together and it was over something … strange. 

“We’ve had one argument our entire friendship and it was over a shoe size,” Whitney explained. 

Unfortunately for those curious about how such a thing could lead to an argument between two people as in sync and close as Mariel and Whitney, the duo did not elaborate on how shoe size led to a tiff between them.

Instead, they concluded the video by noting how easy it was for them to get every answer right since they tell each other everything and keep literally nothing from the other.

“We literally tell each other all of our secrets,” Mariel concludes.” 

Whitney adds: “We literally talk on the phone 24/7 and then we’re together the other times.” 

In addition to being best friends and co-stars on “Life In The Fast Lane,” Whitney and Mariel are business partners as well. Not only that, but they kept the friendship going in their love lives as well. Whitney married Austin Dillon in 2017 just two years before Mariel married Austin’s best friend, Paul Swan

Now they’re showcasing their relationship every week when new episodes of “Life In The Fast Lane” air Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on USA Network.