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Harvey Specter's Top 5 Best Burns on Suits

Harvey Specter speaks almost exclusively in clever burns throughout the run of Suits.

By Alice LaBan
Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) appears in Seaosn 9 Episode 4 of Suits

Harvey Specter is known for a lot of things, but his punchy one-liners might be his most identifying characteristic. Harvey has burned a lot of people throughout his nine seasons on Suits, but what are some of his most memorable burns? We did our best to narrow it down to five, a nearly impossible task.

Harvey Specter Shows His Loyalty To Jessica Pearson

“I’ll leave Jessica anytime you want, you just have to formally ask. And then after that why don’t you formally ask Santa Claus to bring you a pony, because I’m not leaving Jessica.”

Harvey has quite a few flaws, but loyalty is not one of them. You can always count on him to stand by his mentor and friend, Jessica Pearson. This scene at a poker game shows that Harvey’s allegiance to Jessica has been clear since Season 1.

Harvey Specter Tells Off His Rival Travis Tanner

“You have a subscription to Harvey Specter monthly and I know it.”

Harvey has no tolerance for men like Travis Tanner, and he wants them to know it. In the midst of the Hessington case, Harvey has to take on his rival and he wants to show him who’s boss.

Harvey Specter Refuses To Help The British Version Of Himself

“I don’t pave the way for people. People pave the way for me.”

Harvey Specter is a force to be reckoned with, and in Season 3 he has no patience for Stephen Huntley, his British counterpart in the London office of what was then Pearson Darby Specter.

From Enemies to Frenemies… Harvey Burns Louis

“Louis, I apologize, I was out of line. Now, if you’ll just let me text your pretend wife that I just made senior partner…”

While Harvey and Louis Litt's relationship evolves over the years, the burns never stop. Among the most scathing are many classics, including this early one about Louis’s "fake wife," which Jessica seems to think might be a little too far. Her opinion can’t stop Harvey, though!

Even A Panic Attack Can’t Stop Harvey’s Burns

Even in a moment when Harvey is struggling, he still manages to stand up for himself and what he cares about. In the midst of a panic attack, Harvey burns Jack Soloff and gets the job done.

These are only five of the many amazing burns that Harvey Specter has spoken throughout the years, but they are some of the best.

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