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'Chucky' Creator Don Mancini Says Season 3 Is 'Pretty Worked Out' Already

Don Mancini already knows where Chucky and the gang are headed in Season 3.

By Tyler McCarthy

Chucky” Season 3 is officially happening, meaning the killer doll will be back for another round of murder and mayhem pulled directly from the mind of franchise creator Don Mancini. Luckily for fans, he confirmed to USA Insider that Season 3 is already mapped out in his head. 

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Mancini previously noted that he’s always brimming with ideas for where to take Chucky, Tiffany, Jake, and the others next. Now, he’s getting another season of television to bring some of those doubtlessly wild ideas to life. Although he wasn’t sure if Season 3 would ever happen, that never stopped him from planning out where he wanted to go with it. 

“​​It's very worked out,” he revealed in a recent interview. 

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He explained that even if he didn’t get the chance to make Season 3, he would have used these ideas in a new movie or something else. He previously noted how much fun it would be to make a “Chucky” musical or even a cartoon. Fortunately, he gets to pour these ideas into “Chucky” Season 3 later this year. As for what to expect from the killer's imminent return, Mancini remained pretty tight-lipped about the ideas he’s got percolating. 

However, with the return of Glen and Glenda in Season 2, he’s clearly got bringing back legacy characters on the brain. When asked if he plans to bring back anyone from the movies beyond Nica, Andy, Kyle, Tiffany, and the twins, Mancini hinted that he may already be working on it.

“I can only say stay tuned,” he teased. “But, you know, of course. There are others, there are potentials on deck. Stay tuned.” 

While being excited to bring his new ideas to life, the creator briefly reflected on how lucky he feels to be able to continue with this franchise by way of “Chucky” and to continue to work with his good friends and collaborators. 

“I feel incredibly excited and grateful. I mean, as a lifelong horror fan, it was a dream to create a character, a horror character, that would be embraced to the extent that [Chucky] has. So it thrills me,” he said. “The older I get, the more grateful I feel about it and the more I know how lucky I am to be in that position… of still being able to steer the character is lucky, you know? So I don't take it for granted. I'm as big a fan of ‘Chucky’ as anyone and as big a Brad Dourif fan, as big a Jennifer Tilley fan, it's fun for me to be able to help create this material for them to keep doing their thing.” 

When fans last left Chucky, he had tricked everyone into thinking he was finally dead. Little did they know he was hiding behind some clever makeup and wig, posing as a Belle doll. Now, with the element of surprise on his side, he's poised to launch the greatest attack on his enemies yet when Season 3 hits USA Network and SYFY.

Catch up on past episodes of the USA Network and SYFY original series “Chucky” on Peacock now as we await Season 3. 

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