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Chucky Creator Don Mancini Contemplates Launching Killer Doll Into Space

One small step for man, one giant leap for our favorite possessed killer doll, Chucky.

By Grace Jidoun

Chucky wrote the book on killer doll horror 36 years ago and has been up to no good ever since, terrorizing a Catholic school and recently infiltrating the White House in Season 3 of his self-titled series on SYFY and USA Network. But our favorite evil plaything has yet to tackle the final frontier: space.

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Expanding the Chucky-verse into the vast unknown is an intriguing concept that franchise creator Don Mancini is open to if there’s enough demand from fans. The filmmaker recently attended the 2024 Saturn Awards in Burbank, California, where he talked to Screen Rant about the idea of Chucky blasting off into outer space.

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“Everyone’s asking me that question! So, my question is, ‘Do you want him to go to space?’ Do you personally want him to go? If there’s enough of a demand for that, eventually – I don’t know how quickly – I have an idea for that,” he stated.

For the record: yes! We’ve seen lots of creepy creatures and alien monsters flying and oozing across our screens, and we think the unkillable doll can hang with the best of them — and perhaps destroy them all. The Child’s Play franchise is a horror institution that has been around long enough to have multiple generations of fans, spawning 7 full-length films, TV, comic books, and video games. But Mancini is always open to recasting Chucky in new and surprising situations, which keeps the doll chillingly alive and in the present-day moment.

It wasn’t too long ago when Mancini unleashed a slew of brilliant spin-off ideas at New York Comic Con, teasing a Simpsons-esque animated series as well as a stage musical starring Chucky alongside fellow killer doll Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly). “Specifically 'Bride of Chucky,' I think because that story is like a romantic love story that would lend itself particularly well to a stage musical,” Mancini told USA Insider at the time.

To the delight of horror fans everywhere, Mancini was full of scary revelations. “I have 35 years of ideas,” he said. “That’s my biggest dream is to be able to have it be like Marvel. To have the television series going on and the movies happening, maybe other TV spinoffs happening.”

The last time our favorite killer doll starred in a feature-length movie was 2017’s Cult of Chucky, where he displayed otherworldly evil powers by casting voodoo spells to inhabit multiple host bodies at once. While the earth-bound franchise always terrifies, we can’t think of a more entertaining way to amp up the scares than a trip into space.

Catch up on past episodes of Chucky on Peacock before the second half of Season 3 returns later this year. 

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