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'Maybe I Was An Idiot': The Best Technology Mishaps On 'Chrisley Knows Best'

The Chrisley family on "Chrisley Knows Best" aren't the savviest when it comes to their expensive gizmos and gadgets. 

By Tyler McCarthy

The family on “Chrisley Knows Best” aren’t shy about showing off their latest gizmos and gadgets. However, when it comes to actually using them properly, they often struggle with the technology. 

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Todd Chrisley and his family have the basic tech necessities like phones, of course, but they have some fun luxuries like a virtual reality headset and exercise equipment. Although the family is grateful for these, there have been several occasions over the years where technology is less of a blessing on the Chrisley household and more of a curse. 

Fortunately for fans, cameras have been rolling for some of the most hilarious technology mishaps that have affected the Chrisleys to date.

Did Chase Break The Blender? 

In the Season 4 episode titled “Smoothie Operator,” Todd gets the whole family together to help him run a newly purchased juice bar. Unfortunately, when the blender they use to make smoothies stops working, teamwork quickly goes out the window in favor of finger-pointing and, in Chase’s case, knife-pointing.

Chase loads the pitcher with fruit, but when Julie goes to blend it, the whole thing malfunctions. She immediately blames Chase for overfilling the container, but he argues he put the right amount of fruit in and shouldn’t be blamed for breaking a blender he never touched.

As Savannah and Julie team up to place the blame on him anyway, Chase takes a break from cutting lemons and argues with them. However, he forgets to put down the knife and continues to absent-mindedly gesture with it. Although it’s not at all threatening, his sister gets nervous and yells for him to put the knife down. 

“Maybe I was an idiot to think that this family could come together and make this business work,” Todd says. “Because, I mean, it’s day one and I’ve got Chase in here thinking about shanking his mother!"

Todd Can't Handle VR

In the Season 8 episode “Build a Baby,” Grayson is showing Nanny Faye the wonders of virtual reality. He puts the headset on her and she immediately starts giggling before getting a little scared. 

She takes the headset off just as Todd and Julie enter the room and starts to regale them with her adventures in the digital world. 

“We was in this room and they got three skulls.” she says. “And they’ve been up there for years because they ain’t got no meat on them.“

Todd gets curious and wants to try, but reacts to the experience with significantly less composure than his elderly mother. As soon as he sees a digital rat scurry near him, he freaks out and begins to scream. By the time Grayson gets the headset off of him, he’s sitting on top of the kitchen counter to get away from a rodent that doesn’t exist. 

“That is awful,” Todd says as Julie and Faye laugh hysterically at him.

Grayson Can't Live Without His Phone

In the premiere of Season 7, Todd and Julie come home to find a distraught Grayson sitting on the front porch. Quickly realizing something is wrong, Todd puts his detective cap on and tries to figure out what’s up. 

“Did your dog die? Your mama find out you love me more? Did your girlfriend break up with you? Your boyfriend?” he says. “Well what’s wrong with you?”

That’s when the youngster sheepishly reveals he’d cracked the screen of his brand new cell phone. Todd tells Julie that Grayson doesn’t understand the value of things because she keeps replacing the stuff that he breaks. Julie tries to protest, but she's undercut by Grayson dropping the phone once again.  

“Daddy, I can’t survive without a phone,” Grayson pleads.  

“You can survive without a phone! I did,” Todd responds. “When I went to the bathroom, my a** wasn’t ringing. When I walked down the sidewalk, my a** wasn’t ringing. I survived. Do you know what I’ve had trouble surviving? Children.”

Grayson Gets Busted

When the family agrees to let Grayson get on social media for the first time in the episode “Selling Todd,” Todd immediately tries to make sure he’s not up to anything fishy. While having lunch with Julie and Chase, he asks their eldest son for the password to Grayson’s account so he can see what kind of comments and DMs his posts are getting. 

Chase is reluctant to violate his little brother’s privacy until his dad offers to pay him $200 for the info. Once he’s in the account, Todd shows Julie that Grayson responded with a heart-eye emoji to a fan who sent him a picture of her breasts.

“He’s not going to be on social media much longer,” Todd says. 

“You and I need to discuss, we need to come up with a game plan and come at this calmly but stern,” Julie says. 

“If you need my advice…” Chase begins.

“I don’t,” Julie says abruptly. 

Nanny And Chase Go Shopping

In the Season 8 premiere, Chase and Nanny Faye return home from a trip to the mall where Faye shows off her new back massager. 

“It’s going to feel good on my beck and my back,” she explains as she starts to use it.

“It kind of rattles your teeth,” she adds. 

Chase looks over and clearly recognizes the massager from its use for less wholesome, more R-rated purposes than his grandmother is discussing. Todd then enters the room and his eyes go wide as well. All Chase can do is throw up his hands and say “I don’t know” before moving on to his own purchase.

Chloe’s Scheme

In the episode “Bother In Law,” Todd reads his mom the riot act when he starts getting packages sent to his house from her online shopping account. Faye, though, has no idea what he’s talking about.

However, she soon puts together that she gave her great-grandchild an old phone of hers and clearly forgot to deactivate her old credit card accounts. Seizing the opportunity, Chloe began purchasing toys and other accessories. 

“It’s not OK for you to give Chloe a phone when I plainly said she’s not getting a phone,” Todd says. “She’s 7 years old.”

“I wasn’t trying to undermine you,” Faye says. “I just wanted to connect with Chloe.” 

“You wasn’t connecting with Chloe because Chloe was connecting with buying sh** online."

Todd’s Fountain of Youth

In the Season 8 episode “Everlasting Todd,” the Chrisley family patriarch gets it in his head that he needs to take proactive measures to live for as long as possible to be there for his family. 

He makes a lot of wacky purchases designed to promote youth and longer life, but they take up his time. When he misses one of Grayson’s baseball games, Julie approaches him to have a talk. Unfortunately, he’s a little hung up at the time — literally. 

She finds Todd hanging upside down on an inversion table designed to help him be healthier… somehow. Julie scolds him for missing the game and argues that his efforts to be there for his family are making him miss important things. 

“Listen, I see your point,” Todd says after Julie helped him get right side up. “I may have discovered the fountain of youth but it’s not worth it at the risk of losing everyone in my life while you’re all living.”

“What kind of world would it be if me and the kids aren't around to aggravate the hell out of you?” she asks.

“Peaceful,” Todd jokes.

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