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'Don't Hurt Papa's Feelings': 6 Times The Chrisleys Had Each Other’s Backs

The Chrisleys always put family first and have had to put that to the test over the years on "Chrisley Knows Best."

By Tyler McCarthy

The Chrisleys are a tight-knit family unit and it’s often them against the world. That’s why it’s so important for them to always have each other's backs. 

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With nine seasons of “Chrisley Knows Best” and three seasons of “Growing Up Chrisley” in the books, there have been many wonderful moments that showcase the family standing up for each other, offering sage wisdom and, at times, telling a few fibs to avoid hot water. 

Julie and Todd Chrisley always teach their kids to be loyal to the family, so it makes sense they’d pose a united front against their parents sometimes. To help Chrisley fans relive some of these heartwarming family-centric moments, below is a rundown of the top 6 times the Chrisleys had each other's backs. 

Todd And Savannah Teach Chloe About Bullies

The youngest member of the Chrisley household, Chloe, has to learn about bullies in the “Chrisley Knows Best” episode “Beanbags & Bullies.” Specifically, how to handle them. Who better to turn to than the king and queen of the clap-back, Todd and Savannah? 

“You have to learn to clap back,” Todd tells the youngster. “Clap Back means you put a chick in their place. When you clap back at somebody, that means you’ve got to drag them.” 

Chloe, being the moral compass of the family, worries about the idea of hurting someone’s feelings. 

“Sometimes you’ve got to drag their feelings,” Todd says, doubling down.

When Chloe worries that will get her in trouble, her grandpa notes that sometimes there are “things you’ve got to go down for.” 

Savannah adds: “You just got to look at it and be like, ‘You know what, don’t hate me cause you ain’t me.’”

Loving a good rhyme, Chloe seems on board after that and fully ready to take on the negative bullies of the world thanks to her aunt and grandfather. 

Chase Covers For Grayson

Grayson is a good kid who doesn’t get himself in a lot of trouble. Chase, meanwhile, is no stranger to bending the rules and getting punished by his parents. However, in an interesting role reversal, it’s Grayson’s turn to be a little irresponsible in the episode “Badminton To The Bone.” 

When Todd and Julie tell him he can’t go to a party, he sneaks out and goes anyway. However, he quickly finds himself in over his head when he sees what the older kids are up to and calls his brother to pick him up. After getting a stern talking-to from Chase, he agrees to sneak him back inside so Todd and Julie don’t find out. 

It doesn’t work. 

When they come downstairs and figure out what’s going on, Chase lies for his little brother and tells them he was sneaking him inside the house so he can steal their food and sleep there. 

That also doesn’t work. 

Finally, Grayson feels guilty and admits what he’s done. As Todd and Julie dress him down for lying, Chase insists it was a “fib” at best. He also asks them to go easy on Grayson since he never breaks the rules and did the responsible thing by calling him for help. 

Todd and Julie admit Grayson exhibited a bit of good judgment but punish him anyway. 

“What’s the point of doing the right thing then?” a confused Chase asks. “If you’re still going to be grounded?”

Chloe Sticks Up For Todd

When Savannah and Chase manage to graduate high school at the same time in the episode “The Graduates,” the family goes out for a meal to celebrate and discuss their graduation party. 

Chase jokes that he wasn’t sure he’d ever get out of high school and, frankly, Todd and Julie agree

“We didn’t think you were going to make it,” Todd says bluntly.

That’s why he’s so excited to throw a graduation party, not to celebrate his kids, but to celebrate his and Julie’s parenting accomplishment. However, Savannah and Chase protest, arguing they don’t want a lavish graduation party and would much rather just spend that time hanging out with their friends before everyone scatters off to college. 

“Y’all don’t need a party but I do,” Todd says.  

He adds that they will hurt his feelings if they ditch this event. 

“Don’t hurt Papa’s feelings!” Chloe, who is a toddler at this time, chimes in from Todd’s lap. 

“I didn’t hurt your papa’s feelings,” Savannah says. 

Todd cheekily tells her that she absolutely did and instructs Chloe to say that she loves her papa, which she obliges because she’s a toddler and adorable.

Todd Gets Involved In Savannah’s Relationship

After Savannah and Nic Kerdiles called off their engagement, they still tested the waters of being friends and in each other’s lives. However, Todd doesn’t exactly get the nuance of that situation. 

In the episode “Snitchy Bitchy,” he invites Nic to the driving range to discuss getting him back in the family properly. He tells Nic everyone misses him and he admits he misses them too.

“If you miss them so damn much, you need to come over and stop being a stranger,” Todd says

“It’s complicated,” Nic responds. 

Todd asks him how often he’s seeing Savannah now that they’re technically “broken up.” Nic admits he is seeing her roughly three times a week at that point. 

“B****, that’s dating!” Todd says. “That’s a committed relationship!”

Still not quite hearing what the actual situation is between Nic and Savannah, Todd goes as far as to invite Nic over for the family Christmas. However, he’s reluctant and notes that he would only go if Savannah wanted him there. That’s when Todd shows that, although he can be a bit misguided, his heart is in the right place. 

“Nic, I have been making sure that my children have everything they wanted their entire life for Christmas and I have no doubt that she wants you there,” he says. 

Chase Comforts Savannah About Nic

In a deleted scene from Season 3 of “Growing Up Chrisley,” Chase realizes something is wrong with his sister. He asks her why she’s bent out of shape and she reveals that Chad wants her to go on a double date. 

In addition to being nervous about all the usual date stuff like what to wear, she can’t get her ex Nic out of her mind. 

“It’s just awkward!” Savannah says

“Right now, are you dating Nic?” he asks.

When she says no, he tells her not to beat herself up over moving on. Her being single is a fact. He tells her that feeling guilty isn’t doing her or him any good. 

“For now, you need to go have fun, live your life,” he says. “Don’t even think of it as a date.”

It seems like permission to let herself have fun was exactly what Savannah needed. She thanks her brother and they hug it out. 

Faye Gives Her Best Marriage Advice

While Nic and Savannah were engaged, Faye took them aside and broke down everything they need to know ahead of getting hitched. As with everything out of Faye’s mouth, the advice was sage, direct, and got right to the point. 

“I’m going to tell you, life is a journey and it’s not always easy,” she says. “Always stay just you two. You start getting everybody involved in your marriage, it’s not going to work.” 

She adds: “You know you have to work every day, that’s the main thing. And love each other. That’s two things that are important.”

Savannah agrees with the advice but notes it will be hard. Nic, meanwhile, feels a lot better about things after getting some straight talk from Faye.


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