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A Guide To The Chrisley Family — Who's Who In USA's 'Chrisley Knows Best'?

Get to know the family behind USA's "Chrisley Knows Best."

By USA Insider Staff
Chrisley Family Portrait

The family at the center of USA’s “Chrisley Knows Best” has spent years entertaining fans and teaching each other lessons. However, for those not in the know, keeping the members of this big, chaotic family straight can prove a bit difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the Chrisley family. 

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After nine seasons of chaos, hijinks, and so much more, we’ve seen the Chrisley kids grow up right before our eyes and the family only grow closer. So, who makes up the cast of "Chrisley Knows Best"? Let’s start with the most obvious choice…

Todd Chrisley

We’ll start with the patriarch of the Chrisley family, Todd. A self-described “Patriarch of Perfection,” Todd Chrisley is a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur. He started his empire in the real estate business and has since expanded into acting, producing, podcasting, and so much more. The thing he’s most proud of, though, is his family.

While Todd has big expectations for his children, he’s always willing to lend a helping hand in their own business ventures, including daughter Savannah’s beauty line, Sassy, and son Chase’s candle company, Chase Chrisley Collection. While that helping hand will often prove a bit more heavy-handed than his kids might prefer in the moment, his outspoken nature and hard opinions come from a place of love.

Todd was born in Georgia and raised in the small town of Westminster, South Carolina. Todd and his wife of 25 years, Julie, raised their children and granddaughter in the suburbs of Atlanta before moving to Nashville.

Julie Chrisley

Julie Chrisley often serves as the calm to Todd’s storm. Even when he’s going off the handle, she’ll step in and prove what a “super mom” she really is, whether it’s by doling out sage advice or prepping a delicious home-cooked meal. She loves her husband’s antics and is always willing to share a (well-meaning) laugh with her kids at their father’s expense. 

The daughter of a Baptist minister, Julie has a strong sense of right and wrong and — though her family can be chaotic — she works to instill that same sense in her kids while also encouraging them to not sweat the small stuff.

Chase Chrisley

As Todd and Julie’s eldest son, “Chrisley Knows Best” fans have seen Chase grow from a mischievous kid into a well-rounded (but still mischievous) adult. Chase prides himself on going out of his way to one-up his father, which long-time viewers know never works out in Chase’s favor. 

Whether he’s at the golf course with his friends, bestowing wisdom on his younger siblings, or bopping about town with his “ride or die” Nanny Faye, Chase always has something going on. He’s also a businessman in his own right with ventures in candle making (aka the Chase Chrisley Collection), fashion, and real estate.

Savannah Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley is a businesswoman, former Miss Tennessee Teen USA, and Todd’s favorite. With her dad’s support over the years, Savannah has built her own business empire in her cosmetic line, “Sassy by Savannah.”

Even with her busy schedule, Savannah makes plenty of time for her family, whether that be hanging with her parents or giving out some often much-needed advice to her siblings and little niece, Chloe.

Grayson Chrisley

Todd and Julie’s youngest, Grayson, is the perpetual teenager — meaning, he’s beginning to, more and more, take after his older brother, Chase, and test his parents’ patience. While he’s not nearly at Chase’s level when it comes to causing his parents headaches, his intelligence — which Todd jokes far surpasses Chase’s — often gets him in trouble.

Nanny Faye Chrisley

Nanny Faye has proven time and time again that she’s the wildest granny out there. Whether she’s trading jokes with her son, Todd, or encouraging her beloved grandkids to have a bit of fun, it’s no mystery where the Chrisleys' sense of humor and dedication to family stems from. Nanny Faye loves a good drink, partaking in a bit of gambling, and — more than anything — getting into hijinks and prank wars. That’s not to say she doesn’t dole out plenty of much-needed wisdom to her family, though. Despite the jokes, the Chrisley clan has nothing but respect for Nanny Faye. Because this woman? She’s seen it all.

Chloe Chrisley

Chloe Chrisley is, without a doubt, a chip off the ol’ Chrisley block. Even as the youngest member of the family, she’s got a biting wit and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her crazy family wouldn’t have her any other way, of course. They’re happy to give her anything and everything she wants.

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