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Carmella Opens Up About Her Challenging Pregnancy and WWE Future

Does WWE Superstar Carmella intend to return to active competition?

By Chris Phelan

There is plenty of good news for fans wondering how WWE Superstar and mom-to-be, Carmella, is doing away from the ring these days.

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It wasn't that long ago (May, to be exact) that Carmella announced she was expecting her first child with husband Corey Graves. It was a wonderful announcement made even sweeter when considering the pregnancy heartbreak she has experienced in the past. In an interview with PEOPLE earlier this week, Carmella revealed she had made it through her first trimester with flying colors, and there's nothing but good news to report on the baby front! The happy couple is expecting a healthy baby boy later in November 2023.

How Has Carmella's Pregnancy Been So Far?


After her two initial miscarriages, it's reasonable to think any couple would take the news with a grain of salt. Carmella told PEOPLE that she didn't want to get her hopes up when she found out she and Corey were expecting again.

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"Getting that positive pregnancy test this third time around, I was cautiously optimistic," Carmella confessed. "I was trying not to get too excited until I knew for sure everything was where it needed to be – and baby and I were healthy – so I'm very grateful for that."

The WWE Universe is dying to know how Carmella's pregnancy journey has been thus far, and she revealed to the outlet that it was definitely "a struggle." Many people believe the first trimester is the most uncomfortable and trying part of a pregnancy, a sentiment that Carmella confirmed.

"You hear about morning sickness, you hear you get tired and things like that, but I had no idea how debilitating it would be until it was happening to me," she revealed.

Fortunately, due to Carmella (and her child) getting through the first trimester with a clean bill of health, it looks like smooth sailing ahead! The second trimester doesn't get as much attention as the all-important first trimester, but Carmella doesn't mind – she feels great these days.

"I kind of understand why people don't talk about it because you kind of forget," she joked. "I feel so much more myself, I have energy, I feel amazing. I've never felt this good in my life."

Will Carmella Return to WWE After Her Pregnancy?


Of course, one logical question must be asked – is Carmella planning her eventual WWE return? The WWE Universe would love confirmation that a Superstar who has made a career out of delivering countless savage moments intends to return to the ring post-pregnancy:

"I for sure plan to come back," Carmella stated, immediately putting her fans at ease. "I think it's important to show you can have a baby and still have a career, especially a very physical one at that, but I'm not going to rush. I really just want to take my time recovering and making sure that I feel great and ready to go back – and not sort of rushing because I don't even know what to expect as far as how I'm going to feel after having a baby."

If Superstars like Becky Lynch are any indication, not only is returning to the ring after becoming a mom doable, but there's also a chance you evolve into the best version of yourself in the process! We wouldn't be surprised if Carmella returned better than ever. After all, she won't just be competing for herself anymore; she'll be doing it for her new family. 

Does Carmella Think Her Son Will Eventually Become a Superstar?

Carmella in the ring

Speaking of family, when asked if she wanted her son to follow in her footsteps Carmella predictably pledged her full support and love to her son on whatever road he chooses!

"Maybe he'll be a third-generation [WWE Superstar], which would be so cool, but I would never push anything on him, whatever it is that he wants to do," Carmella explained. "But if he's anything like what he's like right now in the womb, I mean, he's insane. He is a maniac. He does not stop moving. So if that's any indication of how rambunctious he's going to be once he's Earthside, then we're in it, for sure."

Carmella last competed in WWE in March when she put up an admirable fight in a losing effort against then-RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair. We can't wait to see her back in the ring – but until then, USA Insider and the WWE Universe will patiently await more adorable baby updates!

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