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Carmella Talks About Her Ectopic Pregnancy And How Supportive WWE Was During Ordeal

The Queen of Staten Island shines some light on her recent health issues and absence from WWE.

By Chris Phelan
Carmella speaking outside the ring

If it seems like Carmella has been in the news a lot lately, you're not wrong. Whether it’s because of her awe-inspiring performance at Elimination Chamber or the real-life struggles she’s had to endure over the past year, she’s inadvertently become one of the most newsworthy WWE Superstars in recent memory.

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Back in November 2022, USA Insider reported on Carmella’s tragic pregnancy loss, which the Queen of Staten Island revealed came at a cost — namely, an extended hospital stay and an indefinite absence from competing in WWE. The mental toll that her ectopic pregnancy took was something she has been hesitant to talk about. Until now.

Appearing on her real-life husband Corey Graves’ "After the Bell" podcast, Carmella opened up and gave an honest look at the struggles she’s had to endure throughout 2022. 

Maybe it’s because she was essentially taking part in a heart-to-heart conversation with her husband, but Carmella maintained an air of refreshing honesty throughout her appearance on "After the Bell." She went as far as being bluntly honest with her struggles — and wasn’t afraid to get emotional in the process.

“I’m not trying to gloss over any of this. I was in a deep depression for a while, it was really hard,” she said. “But I felt like it was necessary for me to share my story. I felt, even though I had [Corey], I had my family, I have never felt so alone because it’s kind of like blaming yourself.”

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Of course, as many members of the WWE Universe across social media have pointed out, there is no one to “blame” when ectopic pregnancy is concerned. Still, Carmella revealed she was saddled with crushing self-doubt throughout the past half year.

“You’re pregnant, you think you’re pregnant, you’re having a baby, and that’s it. I was excited to have a baby, and then it’s all taken away, and it was just a very difficult time — and it felt like my return was up in the air. I didn’t know, am I ever gonna go back to work? Am I ever gonna feel OK? Am I ever gonna feel good enough to get off this couch and put some makeup on my face and feel good about myself? Luckily, we’re here, we’re on the other side, but it was definitely a difficult journey," she said.

Carmella went on to reveal her support system throughout her pregnancy loss, and one high-ranking official in WWE turned out to be one of her biggest sources of strength.

“Stephanie McMahon — and I’m gonna get emotional thinking about it — she was so supportive of me through all of it, reached out to me several times,” Carmella said. “Not only does she preach women empowerment, she practices it. I’m so forever grateful for her and the support that she has shown me through all of this.”

This isn’t the first time Stephanie McMahon has been publicly praised — she’s shown time after time that she always has the best interests of the men and women of WWE in mind with everything she does. Especially, as Carmella pointed out, when it comes to women empowerment

Even though she admittedly felt alone during parts of the recovery and mourning process, the support from all aspects of her life gave her the strength she solely needed. She certainly wasn’t lacking in the floral department, either!

“We had flowers everywhere,” she said. “I’m so grateful. I realized we have such a support system, and the WWE Universe, and our family that we have behind the scenes here in WWE is so real, and I’m so grateful for everyone. My husband, my step kids, they were all so integral in the process of getting back to where I needed to be. I think if you have a great support system, you can get through anything.

“I wasn’t sure what it would look like to get back to WWE,” she continued. “Are people even gonna remember me? Are people gonna want to see me back? What does that journey look like?”

Judging by the reaction the WWE Universe gave Carmella when she qualified for the Elimination Chamber by beating three other women on RAW, we’d say that plenty of people remembered her — and were rooting for her.

Speaking of Monday Night RAW, Carmella is slated for a clash against Asuka, and based on her latest Twitter activity, Carmella’s confidence is at an all-time high:

“Asuka has never defeated me in a one-on-one match,” she boasted. 

It’s going to be an intriguing edition of RAW tonight on the USA Network, that’s for sure.

So with her ectopic pregnancy behind her and all the momentum in the world fueling her, the Road to WrestleMania remains wide open for the Queen of Staten Island. We can’t wait to see what Carmella’s WWE journey brings next — but based on her recent body of work, we’d expect her to have a big role at WrestleMania in Los Angeles.

It all begins tonight against Asuka.

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