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USA Insider Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane

Calling All Reality TV Fans: The Most Addictive Shows To Binge From USA Network

From scandalous romances to fearless ninjas, USA is your one-stop shop to satiate all your reality cravings.

By Andrew Woodin
Split image of Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast lane and Temptation Island

Maybe it’s the escapism, maybe it’s the excitement, maybe it’s the lure of an intimate journey into the lives of others — or maybe it’s  simply that British cake trifles look oh so scrumptious. For whatever reason, whether it's watching strangers find love or salivating over baked goods, we're compelled to watch reality television. And when we say compelled, we mean watching hours and hours of content.

How to Watch

Stream all of "Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Lane" Season 1 on Peacock.

USA Network is home to plenty of addictive reality television series, which you can currently watch on the site or the app — and in many cases even stream on Peacock. We're recounting some our favorite reality shows from the network sure to satiate even the most fervent binger in us all.     

"The Biggest Loser"

The premise of "The Biggest Loser" sounds basic: Overweight contestants compete to lose the most weight. Their stories, however, are far more complex and intriguing than it sounds. Some participants desire a taste of confidence that vanished from their lives long ago while others seek redemption from family and loved ones. The reasons for baring their souls for millions of people to see abound, resulting in an emotional rollercoaster as their journey takes them from weigh-in to the final voting.

Spurred on by several encouraging trainers who truly want to see their team members succeed, “The Biggest Loser” perfectly blends heart and humility, showcasing the range of human beings’ power to affect positive change in their well-being while living the type of healthy lifestyle they’ve dreamed of for so long.

"Temptation Island"

Though the title might appear to sum it up, the stage for the drama of “Temptation Island” is anything but ordinary. Real couples willing to test the strength of their fledgling relationships agree to live amongst a motley crew of alluring singles in what amounts to one hell of a lesson in seduction. Packed with minute after minute of sexy debauchery, each sinful season sees relationships rise — or fall. Each half of a couple is only able to see what their partner is doing on the other side of an island via brief bonfire clips that host Mark L. Walberg regularly shows them. Naturally, chaos ensue as people alter their choices based on what they think their significant other is up to.

While some people decide to walk away from their romances after leaving "Temptation Island," they still leave with valuable insight about themselves and their relationships. People don't just arrive looking to solidify or leave a relationship, they also come to achieve self-growth.

"Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane"

One of the newest series on this list, so far, "Austin Dillon's Life In The Fast Lane," has given us plenty to love in its rookie season. The cadence of versatile shots and slick editing combine to create a fast-paced, fun-filled peek under the hood of the 2018 Daytona 500 winner’s life.

Whether you're a race fan or not, witnessing the high-octane action on the track is something all viewers will appreciate, and the goofy interactions between the show’s stars is light, airy fun. Rooted in what will surely go down as a timeless bromance, the likable cast, led by Dillon and his best friend/teammate Paul Swan, is relatable and authentic. It’s rare to find a reality show whose cast actually likes one another, so to have one who acts like a family is a pleasant and welcome change of speed.

As the NASCAR season barrels ahead, one can expect the action to rev up as well, making for an interesting, voyeuristic look at how Dillon deals with the pressure on the track.  

"Mud, Sweat & Beards"

The classic tale of man versus nature gets a major upgrade from its two charismatic hosts, Donny Dust and Ray Livingston, who are endearing from the jump with their friendly, sarcastic banter. Throughout the show, the two brothers-in-arms casually sling light-hearted barbs at one another, adding a unique layer to their adventures. Equally witty as they are industrious, the best friends venture to some of the most remote parts of the globe, battling everything from deadly native predators to fierce hunger to brutally volatile weather.

With a vast level of experience in primitive living, Dust and Livingston, equipped with not much more than a bow and arrow, must utilize every facet of their survival skills to make it out of their environment alive and well. While it’s impressive to watch them overcome so many dangerous natural obstacles, the real joy for the audience comes from Dust’s and Livingston’s genuine love of the outdoors. Radiating an excitement comparable to a child on Christmas Eve, the duo serves as a beacon of positivity from start to finish, enthusiastically making innovative creations while effortlessly teaching the audience. What’s not to like?

"American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja"

Comprised of jaw-dropping acrobatic feats and spectacular hand-eye coordination, “American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja” ratchets up the action of previous incarnations by forcing teams to compete head-to-head, creating a live duel as competitors race against one another at the same time. Here, male and female warriors compete on an equal playing field, making their way through an epic six-part obstacle course that, in dramatic fashion, pushes their speed, endurance, strength, and agility to the absolute brink.

Ordinary people must perform at an extraordinary athletic level, in essence becoming their own superhero.  Part of what makes “American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja” so compelling to watch are the stories behind the contestants and why they are driven to achieve their goals. That aside, being amazed time and time again at what the human body can do never gets old.