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Recap: Our Favorite, Raunchiest Gaming Moments from Barmageddon Season 2

It's been a season full of crazy antics with Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, Nikki Garcia, and their celebrity guests, so let's dive in.

By Grace Jidoun
Barmageddon Christmas Special

The games on Barmageddon are only limited by the imaginations of producers Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, which means we saw a lot of wild twists and had a tremendously good time in Season 2. Each episode of the season — where actors, musicians, and comedians compete against each other — brought crazier and crazier antics to Shelton's bar, Ole Red, from holiday axe-throwing to life-size foosball.

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With a live audience of bar-goers cheering along, you can’t help but become part of the party. Now, with the finale behind us, we’re celebrating our favorite highlights of Season 2.

Jelly Roll & Gabriel Iglesias

In “Fool’s Ball,” Barmaggedon reinvented foosball into a human-size version of the popular tabletop game that got so competitive the players could have used protective gear. Country crooner Jelly Roll and “Hot and Fluffy” comedian Gabriel Iglesias played goalies on the competing teams. This time, Daly and Shelton jumped into the action, strapped to giant rods as they attempted to kick and block soccer balls. Before the game officially started, Daly of Team Fluffy yelled, “Aim for Blake’s nuts!”

Perhaps taking Daly’s earlier advice to heart, his real-person contestant kicks a ball straight into Jelly Roll’s nether regions, bringing the singer almost to his knees. Meanwhile, wrestling hall-of-famer and host Nikki Garcia commented from the sidelines, “Nice shot.”

Kelly Clarkson & Michelle Rodriguez

Maybe it was Kelly Clarkson's epic song choice, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, or actress Michelle Rodriguez's surprise vocals on the karaoke anthem, “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, but we all played along during this version of “Buzzed Words.”

In Barmaggedon’s version of karaoke, the Grammy-winning singer and The Fast & Furious actress took to the stage to cover favorite songs while their real-people teammates listened for two “buzz words.” Whenever they heard the words, they’d fill up a shot glass. You might think Clarkson, a former judge on The Voice, had this one in the bag, but Rodriguez surprised everyone with her impassioned singing, making it a close competition. When Rodriguez belted out, “Ooooh, we’re halfway there,” host Nikki Garcia and Clarkson enthusiastically grooved along.

Blake Shelton & Ice-T

Karaoke is a perennial party starter, so it’s no surprise another “Buzzed Word” competition lands on our favorites list. This time, Shelton and Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T faced off in a special holiday episode featuring a “Carol-oke” competition, where the two singers got into the spirit with festive attire. Special shout-out to Ice-T’s epic Barmageddon-themed “ugly sweater.” Meanwhile, Shelton went full Santa with a red costume, complete with a fake white beard. In a nice touch, the real-people teammates filled shot glasses with eggnog instead of booze, and fake snow floated down on the Ole Red during the songs.

Ice-T tackled “Jingle Bells,” and Shelton sang a country rendition of the Christmas tune “Up on the Housetop” — with “ho” and “click” as the buzzwords.

“Ho and click? What kind of show is this?” Ice-T asked.

Blake Shelton & Ice-T (Part 2)

We couldn’t get enough of Shelton and Ice-T in their Santa hats, and this holiday special full of smack-talking does not disappoint with the duo trimming a Christmas tree in a unique way: axe-throwing. In the game called “Merry Axe-mas,” Shelton and Ice-T threw razor-sharp axes at three ornaments painted on a target, with the tree-topper earning the most points. We have to admit, in addition to acting and rapping skills, Ice-T has a strong arm and hit the tree-topper on the first try.

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"C’mon baby, let’s go!” said Ice-T when Shelton took a few seconds to adjust his fake Santa beard before his turn. “I gotta get my uniform on. Santa don’t play around,” Shelton shot back.

As the game progressed, the two singers donned “Holiday Cheer Goggles,” which, just like beer goggles, impact your perception. As Nikki Garcia joked, “The longer you wear them, the better Blake and Carson look.”

In the last round, with scary spiked “ornaments” and even blurrier “Eggnog Goggles,” the game almost went off the rails, with Ice-T barely hitting the target. Needless to say that old wisdom rings true: Do not throw sharp objects in bars.

Nikki Glaser & Al Madrigal

Comedian Nikki Glaser is known as the comeback queen at roasts of celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Rob Lowe, but the Barmaggedon game “Talk to Derby to Me,” inspired by the Kentucky Derby, proved to be almost too much. Pitted against comedian Al Madrigal, a Daily Show with Jon Stewart alum, the premise of the game is to ride a toy horse around a track, grab a giant horseshoe, and then toss a ringer. Before the race even began, Glaser gave her fake pony a pep talk, “You can do anything, but if you lose this for me, you’re dead.”

The would-be horse-whisperer got stuck right out of the gate, wildly flailed on the track, and yelled at her horse. Meanwhile, Madrigal casually sailed by in one of the most hilarious competitions on the show —we’ve honestly never seen Shelton laugh so hard.

You can watch Barmageddon Seasons 1 and 2 on Peacock.

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