Living Country

Real Country

The third episode of Real Country endeavors to get to the heart of what it means to live in the countryside and how country music relates to and channels that lifestyle. “To me, living country is someone who enjoys going to a bonfire more than they do the ballet,” explains Travis. Shania adds, “Living country to me is writing about real life. And that’s why i think it’s so relatable.”

Hitting the Road

Real Country

Real Country returns to Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium for an episode titled “Hitting the Road” -- an homage to country’s fixation on the automobile as a symbol of freedom and means to explore America’s vast interior, and to the open highway that has beckoned to and inspired country artists for decades. Shania, Jake, and Travis have each selected one promising country artist whom they believe represents the future of country music.

Drink Up and Party Down

Real Country

Real Country is here and the theme of the season premiere is “Drink Up and Party Down!” Our esteemed panel consists of Shania Twain, Jake Owen, and Travis Tritt, and each of them has handpicked an artist they believe represents the future of country music. Tonight’s episode pays tribute to country music’s long-held love affair with drinking songs. Says Tritt: “I tell my audiences all the time. The more you drink, the better I sound.”

Get Your First Look at 'Real Country' with Shania Twain, Jake Owen and Travis Tritt

Today, USA Network revealed its first look at Real Country -- a new music showcase featuring five-time Grammy Award-winning trailblazer Shania Twain, platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jake Owen, and Grammy Award-winning music legend Travis Tritt. Check it out!

Travis Tritt

Real Country

Real Country panelist Travis Tritt launched his career nearly 30 years ago with a Southern rock-influence, and continues to sell-out shows and stay true to country music fans across the globe. Over the course of nearly three decades, Tritt has released 15 albums, seven of which are certified platinum or higher, scored multiple hit singles and amassed more than 30 million in career album sales. A native of Marietta, Georgia, Tritt is a two-time Grammy Award winner, three-time CMA Award winner and has a devoted global fan base.


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