No Task For The Timid

Falling Water Recap 109

Falling Water Episode 109, “No Task for the Timid,” opens on the boy sitting alone in an apartment folding together a paper airplane and throwing it free from his high-rise window. We don’t know it yet, but that paper airplane will ultimately help him connect with his mother Tess and Taka. Get the breakdown on that and more below.

 [Warning: Contains major spoilers for Falling Water 109]

Our heroes learn of Bill’s true intentions.

The Well

Falling Water The Well

Warning Contains Spoilers

We open Falling Water Episode 108, “The Well,” with White Sand’s paranoid Belgian client -- a business partner of the now-deceased Belgian ambassador -- sitting in his empty penthouse office space, watching the sunset. He’s clearly having an episode of heightened paranoia, sweating and crying, hearing the sound of cicadas hissing. The mysterious scene ends with him hanging his head in defeat. Read up on what happened next below!

Burton meets with Charlotte at Aeskyton Spiritual Retreat.

Castles Made of Sand

Falling Water Castles Made of Sand

By Benjamin Lindsay

[Contains spoilers for Falling Water 104, “Castles Made of Sand”]

Now with Ann-Marie Bowen officially in the picture, Woody’s character coming into focus, and Tess continuing her dream tests with Bill, Falling Water Episode 104, “Castles Made of Sand,” has our trio of protagonists slowly learning that their dreams have greater repercussions in the real world.

But first let’s talk about Andy.

Calling The Vasty Deep

falling water season 1 episode 2

By Benjamin Lindsay

The floodgates are still creeping open in this second episode of USA’s Falling Water, and mystery abounds. Our heroes Tess, Burton, and Taka are not yet entering one another’s dreams, but they are progressively getting more and more lost in their own. Between Tess agreeing to monitor her sleep in Bill’s experiment, Burton hunting for the Woman in Wed, and Taka digging up more truths about his Topeka-related group, there is once again plenty to sink our teeth into and keep us rolling into round three. 


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