What You Need To Know Before the Season 7 Premiere of Suits

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 6 of SuitsThe last episode of Suits ended on a high note, but there was so much more to the season than Mike’s triumphant return to the P.S.L. fold. If you can’t quite recall all the ins and outs (and there were a lot of them), here’s our rundown of all the important stuff to get you in prime viewing condition before the big season premiere this Wednesday.

WATCH: The Cast of Suits Does a Table Read of the Very First Episode


The cast of Suits, including Gabriel Macht (Harvey), Patrick J. Adams (Mike), Gina Torres (Jessica), Meghan Markle (Rachel), Sarah Rafferty (Donna), and Rick Hoffman (Louis), attended ATX Television Festival in Austin this past weekend, where they read through the script of the very first episode, "Pilot," which aired in 2011.

What Did Donna Mean When She Said She Wanted ‘More?’ Suits Boss Weighs In

Suits Donna Sarah Raffery

Show creator Aaron Korsh posed one of the major questions that Suitors were wondering after Wednesday night. In a heart-wrenching performance by Sarah RaffertyDonna Paulsen hit a breaking point. Following the rejection of her personal assistant device The Donna, TV's favorite legal assistant laid it all out on the table for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht).

Character and Fitness

Suits 616 Character and Fitness

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

It’s all come to this! The reappearance of Anita Gibbs throws the outcome of Mike’s hearing into doubt and Harvey wrestles the fact that he may be powerless to do anything. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna deal with broken hearts and broken dreams. Check out our guide to the riveting Suits season six finale, “Character and Fitness."


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