You Wanna Roll With This?

Playing House

Now that Emma’s been diagnosed with breast cancer, her next move is an appointment with star oncologist Dr. Leslie Rollins. As Emma stresses out about what outfit to wear to her first appointment, Maggie does her best to talk Emma down (and away from any berets) by assuring her that Dr. Rollins is the best there is — she’s even been on Oprah, after all.

The Suicide Tree


The Victim: Lee Ward, an attempted armed robber. 

The Killer: Ella Rollins, a quiet and unassuming florist. 

The Discovery: The detectives head to the crime scene of an armed robbery went horribly wrong. They find the armored car security guard shot to death, but they also find Lee Ward, the shooter, and his body does not look wounded or injured in any form. 

Hit And Run

Jay is frustrated at work, Manny is stressed out about school work, Gloria would like to help but no one seems to want it. Phil and Claire run into Councilman Duane Bailey again, who is out campaigning for his second run, and he’s just as irritating as they remembered -- so much so that Claire may give him a run for his money. Mitch and Cam get into a fender bender and the other car flees, which becomes the tipping point for all the men in the family who decides to take out their frustrations on the kid giving Haley problems.

Disco Didn't Die. It was Murdered!

Chief Vick calls Shawn and Gus down to the station after a handful of old convictions get overturned.  They have to reopen the all the investigations and need Shawn's help on one in particular - Eugene Franks, who was caught with explosives meant to bomb police headquarters.  It was the biggest case of Henry's career but Vick stresses that he can in no way be involved in the investigation.  Henry's no longer on the force and could compromise any new evidence they find.  But by the time Shawn and Gus get back to the Psych office, Henry is there waiting for them and wants in.  Shawn refuses. 

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