Good Intentions

Colony Season 2 Episode 8 Good Intentions

Double-crosses and ambushes pack an episode that also introduces the leader of the Red Hand and puts Will (Josh Holloway) in his most tenuous position yet at work. The Transition Authority is scrambling to avoid blame after the bombing of the host ship and Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) shows ruthlessness – and compassion – unlike we’ve seen before. The resistance partnerships continue to crumble and Lindsey (Erin Way) drops the nice act for one frightening second. Shocking deaths and near misses abound in an episode you won’t soon forget.

Manny Get Your Gun

Everyone is gathering at a restaurant to celebrate Manny’s birthday, though Manny himself is experiencing a mini-life crisis about getting older. Meanwhile, on the way to the restaurant, Phil and Claire decide to engage in a not-so-friendly car race there, and Mitch and Cam get sidetracked when they stop at the mall to pick up a gift.

Roc-A-Bye Baby

Interim Chief Vick calls Shawn and Gus down to the station. She has something big and top secret to talk to them about. The guys are excited until she tells them she wants them to find her a new nanny. Her last nanny left, she hasn't slept in weeks and she needs them to psychically screen the candidates for her.


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