We'll Always Have Homicide


Warning Contains Spoilers

Motive Cast Report #413 

Three years later

Victim: Trent McAllister, a repo man

Killer: Lexi Moore, Judge Rodman’s killer who got away

The Discovery: On the grounds of a fancy estate, blood and gore is found splattered all over the tail rotor of a helicopter. The victim was sliced and diced. He was supposed to be repossessing the helicopter, but it turns out the company that hired him was a fake. He was lured there.

Remains To Be Seen

motive season 4

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Victim: Dave Briggs Jr., a video game designer

Killer: James Lennathen, an antique buyer

The Discovery: A giant pool of blood is found on a soundstage, but there’s no sign of the body.

The Investigation: The victim was wearing a motion capture suit at the time of the attack – the dots show him getting his head chopped off. Then someone carried the head away. The murder weapon was a sword.

The Dead Hand

motive season 4

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Killer: Rand Hardy, a high school teacher

Victim: Nancy Bailin, an intrepid high school reporter

Background: Nancy Bailin is fresh off busting one teacher for selling grades when she sees her newspaper advisor Mr. Hardy having an affair with her guidance counselor, Mackenzie Usher.  She gets pictures of them kissing. Nancy wrestles with telling his wife, Carrie, who has just learned she’s pregnant.


motive season 4

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Motive Case Report: #406

The Killer: Cindy Vernon, a dedicated music teacher

The Victim: Tracy Blaine, a blogger and stepmother

The Discovery: Tracy is found impaled on a tree limb in Central Park. (It’s as gross as it sounds.)

The Investigation: Brian interviews Jill Dawes, the last person Tracy spoke to. She used to nanny for Steven’s son, Owen. She was leaving because Tracy was having trouble bonding with Owen.

The Score

motive season 4

Case Report #404: The Score

Victim: Vince Hutton, convicted smuggler

Killer: Hank Novak, bar owner and devoted father

The Discovery: The body is found dumped by a river in Squamish, BC. The victim has a hole in the back of his head but was killed elsewhere. Det. Brian Lucas interviews the woman who found him, a cute x-ray tech, and they start swapping on-the-job gore stories. Det. Paula Mazur is distracted by phone calls related to a messy break-up.


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