12 Albus Dumbledore Quotes That Make Us Want to Be Better People

Wizarding World

Not all wizards are truly wise, but we at USA Network think it’s safe to say Albus Dumbledore fits the criteria-- and then some. As the longtime headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Dumbledore spends countless hours forming young magical minds, and providing guidance as they grow up. In fact, we’ve identified some of the best advice he’s given throughout the entire Wizarding World film franchise.

The Top 5 Reasons People Participate in The Purge (According to the Movies)

While many decide to lock down and hide during the Purge, others with more sinister intentions choose to brave the annual mayhem. With the premiere of The Purge TV series mere weeks away, check out the top five reasons to participate on Purge Night, according to the films.

8 Ways Blumhouse Reinvented the Horror Genre

Blumhouse is about to have their first crossover with The Purge on USA Network. The Purge franchise is already four hit movies strong, each telling the story of a night where America has made all crime legal. Now you’ll get a 10-part TV series of The Purge beginning Sept. 4. But first, look at the eight ways Blumhouse has reinvented horror.

Here Are 10 of Bobby Cannavale's Best Movies You Can Watch Right Now

USA Network is proud to welcome Bobby Cannavale into the Mr. Robot family, where will he appear in the upcoming third season. Little is known about his character Irving, described as a "laconic, no-nonsense used car salesman," and we can't wait to find out what kind of character Sam Esmail has created. Fortunately, here are 10 great Bobby Cannavale movies to watch while you're waiting!

5 Movie Roles That Made Us Love Bill Pullman

Bill Pullman is the kind of actor who feels right at home no matter what project he’s in. He’s as likely to star in a sci-fi satire as he is in a psychosexual fever dream. He can play the president in a crisis as well as an adorably befuddled dad. But his latest juicy part comes by way of USA Network's new limited series The Sinner, starring alongside Jessica Biel. But before you tune into your next summer TV obsession, let's break down five of our favorite roles from Pullman's 30 illustrious years onscreen!

24 Movie Stars Who Went On to Do Hit TV Shows

The Sinner

Movie stars Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman are joining the USA family with their summer series The Sinner. TV has been stealing movie stars away from the big screen for over 20 years now, so we look back on our favorite movie stars coming into our homes every week, although this is far from a complete list. See how Biel and Pullman fit in when The Sinner premieres August 2.

10 Great Movies That Became Even Greater TV Shows

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Friday Night Lights Shooter USA

If you saw the movie Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, you’ve only seen a small preview of the whole story. And if you’ve never seen Shooter, don’t worry -- the new series starts right at the beginning. Movies are great but they only have two hours to tell the story, and so, sometimes, the story can be even better on television. This year alone we’ve seen shows like Westworld, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Frequency, Scream, Animal Kingdom, 12 Monkeys and more go beyond the movies on which they are based. Here’s 10 more great movies that became great shows. Some are so famous as TV shows you might not even have known they were movies too!

5 Movies You Should Watch to Celebrate Christian Slater's Birthday

Christian Slater

It’s Christian Slater’s birthday today and, as you know, Mr. Robot wouldn’t be Mr. Robot without him. Before he embodied the titular character on USA Network's critically acclaimed hacker drama, Slater was making some of the most iconic movies of the last three decades. To celebrate his birthday, here are five of the best Christian Slater movies you can watch today. And it will be another week until a new Mr. Robot so this should tide you over.


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