The Woman In Red

Woman in Red played by Ana Wood

The Woman in Red is an enigma. She is beautiful, intelligent, and knows Burton Mann better than he knows himself. As Burton recalls it, she met him in a bar in London. Their attraction was chemical and instantaneous. Then one day, she disappears without a trace.

Try as he might, Burton suddenly finds himself unable to find her. In fact, he soon realizes that he doesn’t even know the name of the woman he loves. Is she just Burton’s ongoing dream? Or perhaps, a nightmare?

Bill Boerg

Now a millionaire tech mogul, a young Bill and his twin sister would goon amazing adventures together in their sleep. But when she died as a teenager, Bill’s ability to dream was permanently hindered. Still, his experience as a child drives Boerg’s obsession with connecting people through dreams.


Taka played by Will Yun Lee

A famously intuitive NYPD detective, when Taka Matsuyama isn’t working cases, he is taking care of his catatonic mother Kumiko. When Taka begins investigating a new cult, he soon starts having strange and vivid dreams. Hoping for answers, Taka begins searching for members of the cult -- only to have them find him first.


Tess played by Lizzie Brochere

Few would have guessed that, once New York’s hottest trend-spotter, Tess Brighton had suffered a mental breakdown seven years earlier and was institutionalized. After her discharge, Tess starts having lifelike dreams of giving birth to a son – and she might have been convinced that she was actually crazy, if not for an offer from millionaire tech mogul Bill Boerg.


Burton played by David Ajala

Logical, meticulous, and discreet; ex-British SAS officer Burton Mann performs well as a “fixer” for multinational investment firm, Hull-Bedford. When he isn’t making problems disappear, he’s rendezvousing with his mysterious lover, the nameless Woman In Red.

But Burton’s world is turned upside down when his Woman In Red suddenly disappears without a trace. On top of that, when his firm begins brokering a new deal (led by the conniving Woody Hammond), Burton can’t help but sense there’s more to the new arrangement than he was being told.


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