Risk Assessment

Falling Water

With Tom Dolan’s Shadowman closing in on Taka, Tess, Burton, Alex, and the ones they love (Alex’s girlfriend, Christy, begins this episode in the hospital after Dolan forced her to cut herself and throw her body through a glass coffee table in her sleep), time is of the essence to bring justice to Sabine and the rest of his and Taylor Bennett’s victims. But as is often the case with Falling Water, it isn’t quite that straightforward nor simple.

Nothing Personal

Falling Water

Despite what its “Nothing Personal” title implies, the eighth episode of Falling Water’s second season raises the stakes and indeed makes things personal when Alex’s loved ones are put in danger and Woody is begrudgingly brought into the fold to take down Taylor Bennett. Catch up on all that and more with this week’s recap below.

Love is a Dreamer

Falling Water

There’s a variety pack of love showcased in this latest hour of Falling Water, aptly titled “Love Is a Dreamer”—not the least of which is the sparks flying between Burton and Tess. Whether it be the love of a friendship turned into something more, the love towards the one that got away, or the love between sisters, Episode 207 gives us plenty to chew on—and that’s not even considering the continued threat of Taylor Bennett and her murderous Shadowman. Catch up on all that and more in this week’s recap below.


Falling Water

The fourth installment from season two of USA’s mind-bending thriller Falling Water gets its title from the Swedish word for “dream.” “Dröm” also happens to be the name of the questionably nefarious Bill Boerg’s latest tech venture. Learn what role Boerg plays in Tess, Taka, and Burton’s mission to take down the Shadowman in the below recap.


Falling Water

After Tess’ escape from Maine and Kumiko’s death, Falling Water episode 203, “Safehouse,” finally sees the unlikely dreamer family of Tess, Burton, and Taka reunited and standing against a common cause: taking down the Shadowman. It takes some time for them to get there, though. Catch up on all that and more in this week’s recap, below.


Falling Water

In the second installment of Falling Water’s second season, titled “Watchers,” we finally learn the Woman in Red’s true identity, Tess is put back on the run with James, and someone in Taka’s close inner circle meets a tragic demise. All that and more in the recap below! 


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