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How To Get Into WWE: Creator Shares His Advice For New Fans Ahead Of WrestleMania

One of YouTube's premiere WWE content creators, Ango, shares his thoughts on all things wrestling. 

By Chris Phelan
Cody Rhodes leaning against the rope

Being religiously devoted to Monday Night RAW is an absolutely stellar way to cement your status as a WWE diehard, but sometimes fans want to consume more content. That’s why USA Insider previously took a look at the five YouTube accounts we considered must-follows. These YouTubers went above and beyond to give you the perfect complement to following your favorite Superstars on TV.

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One of the YouTubers profiled, Ango, stood out. His realistic and authentic takes on all things WWE comes from a mindset of enthusiasm and respect for the product, and the passion comes through full force in his YouTube videos. We don’t know what it is about WWE and the wrestling business in general, but it’s common to find creators, YouTubers, and podcasters whose news coverage skews negative. In our opinion, pro wrestling is something best enjoyed with an optimistic mindset — and that’s what Ango brings to the table. 

Boasting nearly 50,000 YouTube subscribers, he has perfected the art of reporting the latest WWE news and analyzing the hottest storylines throughout the promotion. So, we had to have a chat with the man himself and talk about his YouTube channel, where YouTube creators fit into the grand scheme of wrestling fans, and more!

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Although Ango got his start on YouTube in 2010 making random video game-related videos, he quickly made the transition to reviewing WWE shows and realized how much more fun it was creating content for something he was truly passionate about.

“I always believed that pro wrestling was the greatest form of entertainment — not because of the physical nature involved, but because it has the ability to capture incredible emotions through its ability to tell great stories on a week-to-week basis,” he said. “Fast forward to 2022, I believed that I wanted to become a full-time creator, I must remain true to my roots. My mission was to always create content that was designed to bring wrestling fans together. I felt that my show can be the place where I bring my own thoughts into the wrestling community while having dialogue with fans who may have differing views. It’s real, authentic, and, most importantly, it’s focused on seeing WWE constantly getting better.”

There’s just something about WWE that appeals to a wide variety of people. It should come as no surprise that many members of the WWE Universe don’t regard themselves as fans but as superfans. We had to know, for Ango, how did his fandom come about?

“I’ve been watching WWE for over 20 years and I was always more entertained by the characters and stories that were introduced rather than the matches themselves,” he explained. “I was always a huge fan of The Rock and Steve Austin and their main event matches, but the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era were both responsible for my wrestling fandom. Back in the day, I really loved wrestling message boards, and just like many others, I would record home videos of entrances of me dressed up as my made-up wrestling character. I loved collecting the action figures, toy belts, and, of course, the now-classic video games. When my friends and I would gather to play 'No Mercy' on Nintendo 64, I knew I was a fan for life!”

So, let the record show that Ango is not pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes when speaking about his own fandom. Anybody who will publicly admit to recording home videos of themselves dressed as their own fictitious WWE wrestler clearly doesn’t need his fandom questioned, ever. Why then is YouTube such an appealing place for fans like him?

“WWE programming has captivated the interest of fans all across the world — and with a channel like mine, it gives people an opportunity to connect and be part of so much more,” he said. “By creating a community, fans feel like their voices can be heard, their opinions can be respected, and it ultimately allows fans to come together to enjoy what they love most. That’s what my channel is all about! I’ve been so fortunate to visit WWE events, meet viewers, and have great conversations about the product. WWE is the biggest sports entertainment company in the world, and they have fans who genuinely care about its success. This not only makes it fun for me as a creator, but it allows fans to have fun and share their passion with others who also love WWE.”

WWE is unique in that there’s no true beginning nor end — it’s been essentially one long story being told over decades and decades. To that point, some critics can argue there’s a barrier to entry for new potential fans, since they can't just start at the beginning. Luckily, Ango has some valuable tips for jumpstarting your WWE obsession.

“Peacock is a really great place to start!” he said. “You know, I never believed that there is a ‘wrong time to jump into WWE.’ With WWE on Peacock, it’s easier now more than ever to start watching WWE. I also recommend new fans join my Discord community so they can connect with other fans. I love seeing WWE fans join and discuss their own theories and fantasy bookings with each other. It’s fun seeing whose predictions come true and which predictions are just crazy and outlandish!

He added: "But my advice? If you’re a new fan, join a community. It absolutely makes things easier, more fun, and less intimidating.”

While there’s no definition of a “perfect” fan, Ango did have some insight into what traits he feels the very best WWE fans have.

“I always believed that, as a fan, you have to remember to be a fan,” he suggested. “It can be easy to get emotionally invested, but the beauty of WWE is that its weekly programming with ongoing stories. Sometimes you just have to stay patient! If you’re interacting on social media, I always suggest that you respect the performers and remember that those are real individuals who portray a Superstar on television. I also love when I see fans cheering, booing or even singing Seth Rollins' theme song. So if you’re at a WWE show, make sure your voice is heard!"

Finally, since WrestleMania is just around the corner, Ango shared his thoughts on one of the best events WWE has to offer.

"Royal Rumble has always been my favorite because it really sets the tone for the Road to WrestleMania. It’s an important piece to the overall build, and it really lays the groundwork of what to expect in the future. The Royal Rumble matches themselves have unpredictability, shocking eliminations, and, of course, surprise returns or debuts! And hey, if you have been waiting for an excuse to jump into the whole WWE experience as a new fan and want to begin watching, this is the perfect event to start with."

Catch up on all things WWE Universe on USA Network and Peacock.

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