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The Top 5 WWE YouTubers You Absolutely Have To Follow

Passionate WWE fans often look to YouTubers to get more content than what's on TV and streaming.

By Chris Phelan

Sometimes, simply watching Monday Night RAW, NXT, and SmackDown each week on your own just isn’t enough. Every member of the WWE Universe knows the best part about being a fan of pro wrestling is discussing it with friends, or better yet, being a part of a community that isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into talking about all the best parts of this very unique form of entertainment.

How to Watch

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YouTube stars have made careers out of doing exactly that, taking the passion they already had as a fan of WWE and turning it into a community that combines video content and a healthy dose of audience participation into something truly special. When you can’t get enough official WWE content, YouTube stars are here to make sure you always have something to watch, think about and endlessly analyze with a passionate pro wrestling community that is both welcoming and informative.

If you’re reading this right now and you don’t have a favorite WWE YouTuber yet, fret not. Here are five WWE YouTube accounts that you absolutely have to start watching. 

Wrestling Daze

If you want your YouTuber to love WWE more than anybody else in the world, then look no further than Wrestling Daze. While his real name is shrouded in secrecy, Wrestling Daze operates a channel based on fun. If you want up-to-the-minute videos on the latest breaking WWE news, he’s got you covered. But he’s also interactive, hosting watchalongs during episodes of Raw and SmackDown (as well as Premium Live Events) where he engages in classic wrestling fan conversations with thousands of fans tuned into his channel. He even produces live previews of Raw and SmackDown every week, just to make sure the viewers are just as pumped to watch the shows as he is.

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Wrestling Daze brings a lot of fun and enthusiasm to watching WWE, which translated to more than a quarter of a million YouTube subscribers and over one billion total views. Graced with one of the best English accents we’ve heard in a while, his easygoing yet passionate style of discussing all things WWE makes him an perfect addition to this list. After all, he’s been doing it since 2016, and he shows no signs of slowing any of his momentum.

Slat Rock Wrestling

Hosted by Slater James, everything you need to know about this YouTuber can be figured out by how he describes himself. He's been as a huge WWE fan since the early 90s. Above all else, Slat Rock Wrestling presents professional-looking videos that not many other YouTubers can match. Not to mention we seriously dig his background music!

Often posting multiple videos per day, Slat Rock is one of the busiest channels out there, closing in on 200,000 subscribers since they started it all back in early 2015. His hard work has translated to nearly 83 million views, showing that his over-the-top and gregarious way of presenting WWE news has definitely built an audience that is hooked.

Although he prides himself on WWE-focused news, he isn’t afraid to cover other promotions in detail. He also has posted excellent feature videos that go above and beyond the usual list-based videos that a lot of YouTube channels are known for. For hardcore fans of WWE, that “above and beyond” way of presenting content is definitely appreciated!


Since 2014, Ango has made a career out of discussing juicy, behind-the-scenes details from not only WWE, but all of professional wrestling. While not having quite as far a reach as some of the other YouTubers on this list, what Ango built is still impressive with nearly 50,000 subscribers amounting to more than 18 million views on the platform.

YouTube, and social media in general, is filled with raucous fans who just can’t help but gossip about the backstage happenings in professional wrestling. However, how Ango differentiates himself is by keeping a positive attitude toward that particular side of pro wrestling, the side that can get a little dirty. Rarely going down the rabbit hole of complaining about storylines or roster moves and never flat-out complaining about what he sees unfold on television, Ango built an audience that wants to watch him discuss rumors and news he’s heard and join in on a productive conversation in the process. With new videos posted almost every day, Ango has proven himself to be a breath of fresh air in the world of WWE YouTubers. Somebody who talks about what’s been heard through the grapevine with the respect and positivity that it rarely gets.


A relative newcomer to the WWE YouTube scene, TheSportsEntertainer launched in 2018 but has already amassed nearly 250,000 subscribers in that short time.

What sets this particular YouTuber apart from others is that, well, TheSportsEntertainer seems to truly have zero filter. He will report on literally anything, from Monday Night Raw match results to the wildest WWE conspiracy theories you’ve ever heard. Will he talk about back alley dirt sheet gossip? Yes. Will he produce exemplary videos based on wild and untrue rumors? Definitely. Will he create content at a breakneck pace, sometimes just because it’s a slow news day and he wants to stoke the flames of controversy? Of course. But that’s the type of content that has garnered him a loyal subscriber following.

We have to admit, we admire the hustle. A word of warning, though, TheSportsEntertainer isn’t for the faint of heart. We recommend you take each video that is posted with a grain of salt, because in this YouTuber’s case, it isn’t necessarily about fair and accurate reporting, this is tabloid tawdriness through and through!

Cultaholic Wrestling

Ever since Cultaholic Wrestling burst onto the YouTube scene in 2017, this UK-based channel earned a reputation for effortless providing content that is both high in quality and quantity. As of early November, Cultaholic has produced more than 460 million views on their videos en route to building a subscriber base of nearly 750,000 viewers. Cultaholic Wrestling oozes production value and a sense of professionalism that no other YouTuber can match.

If you want lists, they’ve got it. If you want to watch a few of their hosts talk about the latest storylines going down on Monday nights, they’ve got you covered there, too along with so much more.

While not helmed by just one YouTuber, the Cultaholic Wrestling team comprises some of the most passionate and knowledgeable wrestling fans in the entire streaming world and you've just got to love those British accents. While this YouTube team primarily focuses on WWE-related topics, like most pro wrestling fanatics, they’re not afraid to broach subjects that may not be WWE-related at all, making them truly a one-stop-shop for some of the best content on YouTube.

You can catch more WWE content on Peacock right now.

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