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WWE Superstars Reveal What They do on a Typical Thanksgiving

The Miz, Raquel Rodriguez and Johnny Gargano reveal what their favorite Thanksgiving traditions are.

By Chris Phelan
Wrestlemania Host the Miz with Maryse

Thanksgiving season is upon us, and as it turns out, WWE Superstars are a lot like us: They have plenty of holiday traditions revolving entirely around food!

Sure, while the men and women of the Raw and SmackDown are larger-than-life on our TV screens, they revert into little kids when Thanksgiving comes rolling around. Whether finding a newfound respect and admiration for their families or just being fond of digging into an unforgettable array of homemade holiday dishes, here are some of your favorite WWE Superstars' most cherished Thanksgiving traditions.

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You don't need to be a WWE fan to relate to these:

The perennial family man, The Miz, warmed our hearts with his sincere response when asked what his favorite Thanksgiving tradition is.

"My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is, honestly, watching my wife cook with my daughters and eating the amazing food they cook," he admitted. Okay, well played, Miz – but now we're starting to think Maryse was right next to you off-camera, and you were just trying to earn brownie points.

Wwe Raquel Rodriguez2

Digging into a hearty Thanksgiving meal would be the theme of the day, as Raquel Rodriguez confessed that she loves to "indulge." (Don't we all, Raquel, don't we all!)

"My favorite Thanksgiving tradition would have to be indulging in all the delicious desserts and food and just being gluttonous," she explained, as everyone reading this solemnly nodded in complete agreement. 

Although he kept with the theme of stuffing oneself silly throughout the day, Johnny Gargano opened our eyes to an entirely new cuisine when he admitted his family enjoys a specific dessert each year during Thanksgiving: Piecaken!

"If you don't know what a piecaken is, I suggest you look it up," Gargano revealed. "It makes my fat-kid heart very, very happy. Trust me, I know I have abs and stuff, but I promise you, I'm a fat kid at heart."

A cursory Google search for "piecaken" reveals a four-layered monstrosity that looks utterly delicious. 

Well, WWE Universe, you now have your Thanksgiving vacation homework assignment: Research, make, and enjoy homemade piecaken. That's the Johnny Gargano way, and really, who are we to judge?

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