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The Miz Talks WWE Draft, What It's Done For His Career: 'They Can Make Or Break You'

Some of The Miz's most shocking moments happened at or because of the WWE Draft, so he's very excited about Triple H's big news.

By Tyler McCarthy
The Miz walks out the the ring

The WWE Universe is about to be completely rocked now that Triple H has announced the Draft is returning in the very near future. Now, one of the biggest Superstars, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, is discussing how previous WWE Drafts shaped him into the A-Lister he is today. 

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In a video he shared on social media, The Miz can be seen, for some reason, getting a haircut. As his stylist plucks away at his hairdo, he reminisces on his past Drafts and pontificates on the importance the shakeup it brings has on the entire WWE roster. 

“It’s been announced that the Draft will be coming very soon,” he begins. “Every time that WrestleMania comes, it feels, as a WWE Superstar, that it’s a new season. And with a new season comes a new Draft and, I don’t think anyone realizes how important Drafts are.” 

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What is the WWE draft, and how does it affect Superstars?

For those unfamiliar, Triple H announced on SmackDown just days after WrestleMania that every single Superstar under the WWE banner is eligible to be drafted to a different show. So, fans currently don’t know if their favorites will end up on RAW, SmackDown, or NXT when it’s all said and done. For some, this offers an opportunity to rise to the top while taking on new opponents they previously wouldn’t have crossed paths with. However, as The Miz notes, it can also act as a last chance for Superstars who haven’t popped in a while. 

“I remember my first Draft. I was on SmackDown for maybe like a year and then the Draft came and it was on the show and then the next day there was a supplemental Draft on the internet and I was part of that supplemental draft,” he explained. “I got drafted to ECW and I remember going to ECW and the producers telling me and John Morrison like, ‘This is your chance, this is it, if you guys don’t show us something now then you’ll probably be gone in three months.’”

He continued: “So, John and I formed a tag team, did ‘The Dirt Sheet,’ became champions, did really, really well for like three years, and became a staple in ECW.”

Indeed, The Miz really broke out during his time on ECW, adding a fresh voice and internet savvy to ECW alongside his tag team partner at the time. For two people who were on the verge of getting the boot, the Draft allowed them to step up and carve out a piece of the WWE Universe for themselves. In short, they were nothing like what had come before them and represented a new generation of Superstars. Once again, the draft came knocking and The Miz found himself with an opportunity to reinvent himself again, this time as a solo. 

In 2009, The Miz had a match against Kofi Kingston that ended when interference from Morrison got him disqualified. At the end of the match, he knew his new placement would go up on the big screen. However, The A-List Superstar revealed that he had no idea what the screen was going to say when he stepped out in front of the crowd. But, once it was clear their tag team partnership was ending and he was going by himself to RAW, Miz ended things the only way he knew how. 

“Neitiher John nor I knew what was going to happen and I ended up being drafted from ECW to RAW,” he explained. “So our tag team was separated just like that. I remember laying out John and that kind of started or propelled my singles career and led me all the way to a WWE Championship and main eventing WrestleMania.” 

The Miz concluded his video, in which his hair gets a little bit better every second, by discussing Drafts at large and how important they are to WWE.

“They can make or break you,” he concludes. “Drafts are so important for careers, that’s why I always look forward to new Drafts. I was drafted at one point every single year and every single year it’s like you’re starting over again. Especially when you’re drafted to a new show. There’s just new people, new Superstars, new everything behind the scnes. So, yeah, Drafts are very important to Superstars and fans. It creates new people to go up against each other with.” 

As for when the draft will take place, even someone as in-the-know as The Miz admitted he has absolutely no clue. 

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