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Cody Rhodes Turns Seth Rollins' Self-Appointed Appreciation Night Into Humiliating Fight

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins continued their feud on WWE Raw, with Rollins taking a shot at Cody's legendary father Dusty Rhodes.

By Gina Tron
Cody Rhodes And Seth Rollins on WWE Raw

What WWE Superstar Seth Rollins hoped would be a night for self-celebration ended up in yet more embarrassment at the hands of Cody Rhodes.

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On WWE RAW Monday, Rollins held a self-appointed "appreciation night” for himself when Rhodes interrupted it. The two have been feuding since Rhodes defeated him at last month's WrestleMania, a loss Rollins has not taken well.

His bitterness has been clear since then. During “Raw After WrestleMania,” he interrupted Rhodes' triumphant address to the crowd, wishing him a presumably facetious “welcome home.” A couple of weeks later, Rollins handpicked his pal Kevin Owens to fight Rhodes, hoping he'd get a little vicarious retribution. It didn't work out for him.

Rollins' contempt only swelled during Monday’s show, when Rhodes upstaged him once again.

“Before you say anything, why are you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong?” Rollins demanded after Rhodes appeared unannounced. “This is my appreciation night. What do you want? If you’re not out here to give me my flowers, then shut up please.”

Rhodes then launchd into a few choice insults of Rollins, telling him he had a “superiority complex” and calling his “Johnny Polo” getup – a matching tropical print suit jacket and pants – “hideous.”

“I could tell you that you are one of the best Superstar wrestlers in the last 20 years and it would be true,” Rhodes told Rollins. “I could also tell you that you are delusional and it would be true.”

Rollins really didn’t like that.

“Me? I’m delusional? I’m the one in his ring that’s delusional?” he asked, cackling.

And that’s when things got personal.

Rollins told Rhodes that he was an "egomaniac," just like his late father, WWE legend Dusty Rhodes, “who thought he was larger than life and thought he transcended the business.”

“And it looks to me like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree,” Rollins told Rhodes. “Dusty was delusional and so are you.”

Taking the fighting words even further, he told Rhodes that his dad “really wanted” to become the WWE champion, but “he wasn’t good enough, and as long as I'm here, you're not good enough either.”

That one had to sting as, during his Raw return, Rhodes vowed to one day hoist the WWE Championship title for both himself and his father.

As if the below-the-belt father remark wasn't enough, Rollins followed it up with a punch to the face. At that point, all bets were off, with an enraged Rhodes eagerly joining the scrap. He quickly got the upper hand and unleashed a Cody Cutter, sending Rollins tumbling out of the ring without his $1,200 tropical print jacket, which Rhodes picked up and threw it into the crowd despite Rollins’ pleas to “drop it.”

This feud just keeps continuing to heat up and there’s no telling what’s next.

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