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WWE Broadcaster Megan Morant Reveals She Courageously Donated Her Kidney

You don't have to be an in-ring competitor to be a massive difference-maker in WWE! Broadcaster Megan Morant recently proved that.

By Chris Phelan
Megan Morant, WWE attends The Women's Sports Foundation's 2022 Annual Salute To Women In Sports Gala.

WWE Universe, get your smiles ready.

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We'll be honest, the larger-than-life Superstars that compete every week on RAW and SmackDown get the lion's share of attention on USA Insider, and for good reason! But sometimes non-Superstars steal the spotlight in the very best ways. We can think of no better way to start your week than by passing along this heartwarming and courageous story from one of WWE's on-air talents.

WWE's Megan Morant Donates Kidney

Megan Morant, known to the WWE Universe as a backstage interviewer on SmackDown, posted a shocking message to her Twitter account on July 14: She had just donated one of her kidneys to a person in need! 

Wow. Talk about going above and beyond!

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As it turns out, Megan has been working with the National Kidney Registry, and a Boston-area friend named Margaret was recently deemed a blood-type match with her. We can't think of a more selfless act – this is the equivalent of Damian Priest literally giving his Money in the Bank briefcase to a lucky fan to cash in, and it's a testament to Megan's character. According to Megan, she's wanted to donate one of her kidneys for a long time, and as fate would have it, the perfect match was presented to her as one of her close friends. 

While her Twitter account gave the world the basic information about her procedure, Megan went into more detail on her official Instagram account

"Honestly, I'm 48 hours removed from donating a kidney and I don't feel like it," she wrote. "I feel really great and I want to thank you all for the prayers and for keeping me in your thoughts. So let's keep Margaret in our thoughts as well because she's next to get a kidney."

The next step is for Megan's kidney to be transplanted into Margaret's body, which is a procedure that has become infinitely less risky in recent years. By all accounts, Megan's friend will receive the new kidney within days – how amazing is that?

Who is Megan Morant?

It's OK if you're not familiar with Megan Morant, but based on the attention she's getting for this selfless act, we wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more of her all over WWE television when she returns! 

A veteran of the WWE digital team, Morant is best known for being one of the best backstage interviewers in SmackDown history! In addition, she's made a name for herself by hosting RAW Talk, SmackDown Lowdown, and other digital-only WWE productions. Check out her work ahead of the 2023 WWE Draft just a few months ago, where she somehow got caught in the crosshairs of the one and only Chelsea Green:

We're sure Megan is itching to get back into the fold as she recovers, although we highly doubt she's looking forward to interacting with Superstars like Chelsea Green again anytime soon. Recovery time for kidney donors falls in the two-to-three-week range, so it looks like Megan will be gracing the WWE Universe with her presence by the beginning of next month – just in time for SummerSlam 2023.

Rest up, Megan, WWE isn't the same without you!

You can tune in to Peacock to watch WWE's SummerSlam on August 5. In the meantime, catch up on all things WWE Universe on Peacock as well.

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