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John Cena Hypes Up Extra-Special Episode of NXT: "Do Not Miss Tuesday Night"

The greatest of all time has a simple message for the WWE Universe: The October 10 edition of NXT will be a classic!

By Chris Phelan
John Cena holding a mic out to the crowd while standing in the ring

Fastlane has come and gone, but the WWE Universe will barely have enough time to catch their collective breath this week – and "The Greatest of All Time" John Cena wants to make sure everybody tunes in to USA Network on Tuesday night!

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The WWE Universe is only hours removed from the events that transpired in Indianapolis during Fastlane. IYO SKY and Seth Rollins successfully retained their championships, The Judgment Day failed to retain their tag titles, and John Cena made his in-ring return alongside LA Knight to score a decisive pinfall victory over The Bloodline. It was an unforgettable night, and WWE intends to ride the wave of momentum through Tuesday's edition of NXT! 

Will John Cena Appear on NXT?

Close up of John Cena smiling in the ring

John Cena has exceeded all expectations during his recent return to WWE and now has his sights set squarely on the October 10 edition of NXT. Here's a video of John Cena hyping up the event in a way that only John Cena can:

"Hello fans of NXT," the 16-time champion said. "I'm John Cena, and somewhere along my career I became the advice guy. Seems like I have advice for everybody. For Carmelo Hayes, I told him to figure out his differences in the ring, get up, get in the fight, and never give up. Paul Heyman, my advice to you: Please keep singing my theme song. It seems to be the only thing you do that people actually enjoy. And, my advice to you, the NXT faithful: Do not miss Tuesday night. Because not only do we have Bronn Breaker against Carmelo Hayes, we have Paul Heyman in Bronn Breaker's corner, and I will be there in person in Carmelo Hayes' corner. Now, we also have Asuka, and we also have Cody Rhodes. This is an extra-special NXT. And my advice to you is: Make sure you see it, because if you miss it, you'll be sorry. I will see you at NXT on Tuesday."

Let's make something crystal clear: the October 10 episode of NXT is the very definition of "can't-miss television."

Cena doesn't "need" to appear on NXT, but something tells us Cena intends to make an impact. He has a vested interest in Carmelo Hayes, and fireworks are guaranteed to go off in the night's main event, no matter what Paul Heyman has to say about it.

This may be the only time in NXT's history where you'll see John Cena, Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes, and Asuka appear on the same show. Trust us: Matches like Carmelo Hayes versus Bronn Breaker have happened before, but never when John Cena and Paul Heyman offer their managerial services in the same match! It's clear that Cena wants to make the most of his truncated WWE run, and the end result is an episode of NXT that will be explosive, jaw-dropping, and unforgettable.

Although Cody Rhodes isn't scheduled to compete in the ring, he is coming to Orlando with one of his most trusted allies: The microphone. 

What Will Cody Rhodes' Major Announcement Be?

Cody Rhodes speaks to the crowd

Anytime Cody Rhodes has a microphone in his hand, the WWE Universe stands up and takes notice – but honestly, we don't have any clue what The American Nightmare's major announcement will be! After capturing the Undisputed WWE Tag Team titles at Fastlane alongside Jey Uso, we're sure Cody will be in a celebratory mood – and we know he doesn't throw around the phrase "major announcement" lightly.

Could we see the return of the Dusty Rhodes Classic? Will Cody Rhodes be the first active Superstar to officially welcome Jade Cargill into the fold? Wrestling fans know it wouldn't be the first time Cody introduced Jade to a worldwide audience – and after her appearance at Fastlane, the WWE Universe could discover that Jade Cargill is NXT-bound after all. Or perhaps Cody Rhodes' major announcement is something nobody will see coming.

Whatever Cody says, we know the WWE Universe will be listening with bated breath.

Why is Asuka Competing in NXT?

Asuka standing in the ring, smiling while holding a mic in her hand

Despite an unsuccessful attempt at recapturing the WWE Women's Championship at Fastlane, the reason behind Asuka competing on the October 10 edition of NXT is simple: She wants to remind the WWE Universe that she is the most dominant NXT Women's Champion of all time. The Empress of Tomorrow is slated to face Roxanne Perez in one-on-one action, and we have to assume Asuka will be in a sour mood after what happened in Indianapolis! 

At only 21 years of age, Roxanne Perez is a prodigy in her own right, making history last year by defeating Mandy Rose for the NXT Women's title and ending Mandy's year-plus reign of dominance. Roxanne has a knack for knocking Superstars off their pedestals – will the same happen on Tuesday night?

In our minds, John Cena has never let anyone down – so when he says, "Do not miss Tuesday night," the entire WWE Universe should listen. 

You can tune in to Peacock to watch WWE's Survivor Series on November 25. In the meantime, catch up on all things WWE Universe on Peacock.

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