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What To Expect Ahead Of WWE Crown Jewel

With Crown Jewel looming just over the horizon, here's what the WWE Universe can expect from the stacked show.

By Ethan Absler
Randy Orton (L) and Riddle (R) arrive for their tag team match during the WWE Crown Jewel

WWE’s next premium live event, Crown Jewel, is looming just over the horizon and this year’s card looks stacked from top to bottom with exhilarating and important matchups. While only five matches have been confirmed so far with a possible rumored sixth match on the way between Bianca Belair and Bayley for the RAW Women’s Championship, a card with fewer matches often gives Superstars a more adequate amount of time to put together a blockbuster match. 

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When WWE travels to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it pulls out all the stops and this year is shaping up to be no different. Between highly anticipated dream matches that the WWE Universe has wanted for years such as Lesnar versus Lashley and unpredictable championship bouts with huge stars such as Roman Reigns and Logan Paul, let’s take a look at what fans can expect to see at the next Crown Jewel event on Saturday, Nov. 5. 

A Battle Of True Giants

One of the five confirmed matchups that will take place on Nov. 5 is the returning Braun Strowman taking on the Nigerian Giant, Omos. While Braun Strowman is a certified big man standing at 6’8” and weighing 350 pounds, he pales in comparison to Omos, who is arguably the largest Superstar to ever grace a WWE ring at 7’4” and 400 pounds. Both guys have been on a tear lately, with Omos actually defeating four local competitors on his own with MVP cheering at ringside. 

Strowman has also looked unstoppable as of late, but it’s not often that we see The Monster Among Men dwarfed in size like we did last week on SmackDown when the two finally met face to face. When these two behemoths collide, WWE fans can expect a hard hitting battle between two of the strongest and largest superstars in WWE ever. With a tactical, experienced and smart MVP in Omos’s corner, Strowman needs to be careful as to not let this become a two on one assault. These two have the capability to destroy the ring, everything around them, and each other. Simply, we think fans can expect a human car wreck when these two wrestle each other in just over a week and we have no clue who will come out victorious, making this a must-see bout. 

Good Brothers Against Family

If The Judgment Day is good at one thing for sure, it’s poking their heads into everyone else’s business. It seems like everybody has beef with Judgment Day, from Edge and Beth Phoenix to Rey Mysterio to the entire O.C. and more. Basically, Judgment Day has a huge target on their backs. The stable has always managed to stay one step ahead of their rivals, especially in recent weeks with big wins on RAW and SmackDown like Balor’s over Anderson last Monday. For the first time though, Judgment Day is not winning the numbers game as the O.C.’s three members have finally evened the odds. 

It didn’t take long for a returning Gallows and Anderson to join AJ Styles in his fight against evil, and they may be Balor, Priest, and Dom’s toughest test yet. When the bell rings and this match is officially underway, the WWE Universe can certainly expect a match between two teams with decades of experience under their respective belts and a sure-to-be competitive fight. It will be physical, it could get emotional, and it will definitely be a close match between two very evenly matched teams. 

Kross and McIntyre Caged In

As the feud between the two former NXT Champions heats up, the next logical step in their violent feud is none other than a steel cage match. At Extreme Rules, Kross defeated McIntyre in a brutal strap match, but that wasn’t without major assistance from his wife, Scarlett, at ringside. The rivalry between these two has been ugly and extremely physical and has slowly started to get personal. Both men have a lot to lose, which is what makes this match so intriguing to watch. 

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On one hand, Kross is fighting for his career. He was already released one time from WWE and has been granted a second chance by Triple H to show the world he belongs in the big leagues. Kross does not want to disappoint and he is out to prove that he not only deserves to be in WWE, but can beat one of the top Superstars in the company. McIntyre on the other hand, is trying to rebound from his first loss against Kross and also prove why he is one of the most feared Superstars on the roster. McIntyre always has his sights set on the WWE Championship and two consecutive losses to Kross would really hurt his case. Fans should expect a very competitive and hard-hitting match, as whoever wins this could be positioned for a future title opportunity. 

The Beast Incarnate vs. The Almighty 

While the WWE Universe was technically given the dream match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley at the 2022 Royal Rumble, we all remember the interference from Roman Reigns that cut the match short and ultimately ended in Lashley’s questionable win. Now, the two freaks of nature get another opportunity to tear each other apart, this time without the pressure of defending a championship. This match is all about who is the better man with both former champions believing that they are the most dominant star in WWE. 

Both Lashley and Lesnar are legit badasses in their own right. Between the two of them, NFL contracts and MMA Championships are pretty common, making this one of the most credible matchups in WWE. Lesnar will be looking to avenge his January loss to Lashley while The Dominator looks to prove he is still at the top of the WWE mountain and would’ve won their previous match regardless of interference. Fans should expect an ultra-physical showdown between these two fighters that showcases mixed martial arts, wrestling, and jaw-dropping feats of strength. 

Social Media Megastar vs. The GOAT

Yes, you read that right. A social media giant with two matches under his belt will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event of Crown Jewel — and he has a chance of winning. 

While The Tribal Chief has been the reigning champion for over two years and has The Bloodline by his side to help protect his interests, Logan Paul seemingly has them flustered, especially after knocking Jey Uso out cold last week on SmackDown. Paul, who has almost as many combined views on YouTube as there are people on earth, has been training hard, most recently with Shawn Michaels. Although Reigns seemed unconcerned about Paul’s new training partner, the social media icon has built the entire feud off of one question: What if Logan Paul hits that one lucky shot on Roman Reigns that knocks him out? One shot is all it takes. Three seconds is all you need. While Roman remains the heavy favorite, Paul is not wrong. Crazier things have happened in WWE history.

When these two finally collide in Riyadh, fans can expect The Head of the Table to try and systematically and methodically pick Paul apart. With that being said, Reigns is underestimating his opponent, who was able to defeat a former WWE Champion in The Miz and looked extremely impressive while doing so. Although he has infinitely less experience than Reigns, Paul has been training hard and is getting hot right before the bout. It would be an unthinkable upset if Reigns really did lose, but we have seen enough WWE chaos to know it’s absolutely possible and therefore a must-watch match. 

You can watch Crown Jewel live on Saturday, Nov. 5 on the WWE Network on Peacock!

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