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Why 'Race For The Championship' Is Exciting For NASCAR Fans And Newbies Alike

Newcomers to NASCAR won't have trouble diving right into "Race For The Championship."

By Tyler McCarthy

The premiere of USA Network’s latest series “Race For The Championship” is upon us, and whether you’re a NASCAR fan or a humble newcomer, there’s never been a better time to get in on the racing action. 

How to Watch

Catch up on past episodes of Race For The Championship on Peacock

For those unfamiliar, the 10-part series will document the lives of several top-tier drivers as they navigate the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season. In addition to chronicling their heated competition on the track, the show promises an inside look at the home lives and the conditioning all professional drivers have to juggle. 

If you’re a curious viewer but are completely unfamiliar with the sport of NASCAR, fear not. There’s a lot in here to make newcomers feel welcome and informed enough to bite their nails with everyone else as the action unfolds. 

The Racing

Rftc Premiere

Obviously, a show called “Race For The Championship” will include quite a bit of racing. The show will follow the drivers at competitions throughout the 2022 Cup Series, documenting all the high-octane drama that takes place on the track as well as micro-decisions that can make or break an entire weekend on pit road. 

The show offers an inside look at the technicalities of racing and exactly what these drivers are dealing with for hours at a time on the track. Fortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with how a pro race works, the show breaks it down for its viewers by having the most qualified people imaginable explain it — the drivers themselves. 

Big names in the Cup Series like Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, and Brad Keselowski are there to personally lay everything out for the viewer in a way that even people who have never seen a race in their lives can understand. 

The Drama

Nascar Team prepping a racecar

Because there is so much at stake professionally (not to mention when it comes to personal bragging rights), more often than not, tensions tend to flare on the track at each race. Drivers have choice words for one another and sometimes get into heated exchanges afterward. Even if you’ve never seen a NASCAR race before, the human drama that unfolds each weekend during the Cup Series is enough to get anyone excited for what comes next. 

Which drivers don’t get along? Which teams have more at stake than others? Which racers are notoriously aggressive on and off the track? Longtime fans and newcomers to the sport alike will get all those answers and more when the 10 episodes conclude. 

The Lifestyle 

Rftc Premiere2

Similar to “Austin Dillon’s Life In The Fast Lane,” “Race For The Championship” will give viewers not only a firsthand look at life on the track, but it will follow the drivers home and get a look at their personal lives as well.

In addition to being professional athletes, they are fathers, husbands, and businessmen who put it all on the line every week in a sport that can often be deadly. 

Not only will “Race For The Championship” follow the drivers, but it will catch up with their loved ones who sit in the crowd every week as these men cheat death with each mile. How do they cope? Would they have it any other way? These are questions seasoned NASCAR fans and newbies alike will ponder each week. 

“Race For The Championship” premieres on Sept. 1 on USA Network. In the meantime, you can catch NASCAR content on Peacock right now.