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Who Is Joe Gacy And What Does He Have To Do With WWE's QR Mystery?

Ahead of this weekend's Extreme Rules match, the "White Rabbit" QR code mystery only grows larger.

By Ethan Absler
Joe Gacy in the ring with a big, creepy smile on his face

On the final episode of Monday Night RAW before Extreme Rules this Saturday, yet another mysterious White Rabbit QR code had the WWE Universe channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes as they tried to solve this cryptic mystery. Last night’s clues were definitely the most complex and packed of them all and lead fans on a scavenger hunt across the internet. With that being said, let’s walk through what the codes could mean and some of the different fan theories behind what this all could represent.

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The first of multiple codes shown on RAW last night lead fans to a site on that shows a chaotic but beautiful Victorian-era painting of Samson and Delilah with the numbers 6901209258022 displayed at the bottom. When investigative members of the WWE Universe googled those numbers, they found a picture of a “White Rabbit” milk produced in Japan. If that wasn’t weird enough, the numbers in the link are the exact latitude and longitude coordinates for the Wells Fargo Arena where Extreme Rules takes place.

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To make matters creepier, the story of Samson is thus: “Chosen by God, Samson was blessed with superhuman strength that made him invincible as long as the hair on his head remained unshorn. When he told this secret to his Philistine wife Delilah, he was captured and blinded and his hair was cut. He regained his strength as soon as his hair grew back and he was able to destroy the Philistine temple, killing 3,000 Philistines."

Later in the episode, WWE played Jefferson Airplane’s "White Rabbit" once again during a commercial break. A second QR code later in the night brought fans to a page full of symbols and lines. Savvy members of the WWE Universe noticed that the symbols were actually letters of the Yautja language from the "Predator" films and after decoding the message it read: “Before me, things created were none. Save things eternal and eternal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here.” A similar message is seen in Bray Wyatt’s Firefly funhouse.

Another fan decoded the same message as reading "GACY," leading some members of the WWE Universe to believe that the White Rabbit tease could be for NXT Superstar Joe Gacy and his creepy faction known as “Schism.” Other fan theories include Karrion Kross as he used to be known as the White Rabbit almost 10 years ago in his wrestling career. Certain fans also drew a connection to Alexa Bliss given her prior relationship with Wyatt and how the QR codes were shown just as she appeared on screen. The most popular theory of them all, however, is the Bray Wyatt return theory, but we must note that these are just rumors.

This was definitely the most clue-packed pair of QR codes that WWE has given fans and it’s no wonder multiple theories have arisen from the clues. The codes from last night’s episode of RAW truly have fans investigating what this could mean on their own time, with Easter eggs that we’re sure haven’t even been noticed yet. The internet scavenger hunt makes the WWE Universe feel like they are involved in this storyline and allows for many different fan theories. This is one of the most creative things that WWE has done in recent memory and the WWE Universe can’t wait for Extreme Rules in hopes the mystery is solved.

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