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Where Did 'Young Rock' Season 3 Leave Off In Dwayne Johnson's Life Story?

Dwayne Johnson reached a high point in his life story in the Season 3 finale of "Young Rock."

By Tyler McCarthy
Uli Latukefu as Dwayne Johnson, Arlyn Broche as Dany Garcia, Brett Azar as The Iron Sheik, Kevin Makely as Macho Man

The third season of NBC’s “Young Rock” has come to a close on world-famous WWE Superstar turned Hollywood mega star’s biggest high note yet along with a declaration of future Dwayne Johnson’s most ambitious undertaking ever.

For those unfamiliar, “Young Rock” sees the man himself sharing stories about his life in the year 2033, often with his friend, Randall Park. Season 3 dealt heavily with adolescent Rock and the events that led his family to leave Hawaii as well as his meteoric rise to prominence as a hero in the WWF later in his life. 

The Season 3 finale of “Young Rock,” titled “False Ceilings,” brought the wrestling chapter of his life to a fitting conclusion at the height of his popularity while setting the stage for the next big adventure. The episode begins with Dwayne getting calls to do more acting after a successful stint hosting “Saturday Night Live.” At the time, he and Hulk Hogan were the only two Superstars to ever be asked to host. With all his success, Dwayne was finally able to make good on a promise he’d been talking about all throughout his life and subsequently the show: He bought his parents and grandmother a house where they could finally settle down. After years of hustling and struggling with money, Dwayne was finally able to take care of Rocky, Ata, and Lia the way he always said he would. 

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To celebrate, the group had a massive housewarming party that allowed Rocky to show off his new digs to friends like The Iron Sheik, “Macho Man” Randy Savage,” Downtown Bruno, and Hogan. At the party, Dwayne confided in Hogan that he was worried about getting into acting for fear that it would risk the good fortune his wrestling career had afforded him and his family. 

Hogan, a veteran of both wrestling and Hollywood, explained that nothing in their business lasts forever and that sometimes what you think is a ceiling is really just a floor to something greater. The only way to know for sure is to break through. 

So, despite his apprehension, when Dwayne was backstage at WrestleMania preparing for the show and a script for “The Mummy Returns” was brought to him, he realized it was his opportunity to break through a false ceiling. As we all know, he took the role of the Scorpion King and would go on to reprise that character in a spinoff film that would be his first-ever starring role (but hardly his last). 

The season ends in 2033 when Dwayne and Randall learn that the prime minister of the (fictional) country Gjelghiughm, Angela Honig, had agreed to his coffee trade deal with the United States. After negotiating all season long, they were going back to the U.S. victorious after Dwayne suffered a huge loss in his presidential campaign the previous year. Newly invigorated by his ability to make a world impact, Dwayne declares that the time has come for him to start his very own country. 

Will he be able to carve out a piece of the planet for himself to govern? Will Randall ever hear all those stories from the set of “The Mummy Returns”? Fans will just have to wait and see. 

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