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What is Grayson Waller's Problem with The Rock?

The brash WWE Superstar isn’t afraid to jab at The Rock.

By Chris Phelan
Wwe Grayson Waller The Rock Beef

Sometimes, the best way for a young Superstar to make a name for themselves is to call out some of the most beloved WWE legends of all time and even go as far as mocking them live on television!

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Unsurprisingly, thanks to his undying influence over the wrestling industry, The Rock has set such a high bar for current WWE Superstars to reach that sometimes these Superstars act out. In Grayson Waller's case, it seems that his main roster run isn't going quite as he expected. So, bizarrely, he's been doing everything he can to get The Great One's attention over the last few weeks!

When Did Grayson Waller's Beef With the Rock Begin?

It all started with Grayson Waller taking potshots at The Rock on social media in July, declaring that his debut in Madison Square Garden was infinitely better than The Rock's MSG debut at Survivor Series 1996. Predictably, The Rock didn't let Grayson's message slide, noting that although his debut ring attire was cringe in retrospect, he's still head and shoulders above Grayson Waller. 

"Here's what's more cringe – the fact you look and sound like you dropped out of some jabroni's balloon knot," The Rock responded. "Nice haircut, you Outback Jack Off." 

Clearly, The Rock's third-degree burn he administered triggered some insecurity in Grayson Waller, who soon took to SmackDown to commit his biggest cardinal sin to date – mocking the People's Elbow on a national stage:

This strange behavior exhibited by Grayson has the WWE Universe wondering: What's Grayson Waller's problem with The Rock, anyway? Although it's been weeks since mocking The Rock on SmackDown, Grayson hasn't shied away from the topic in the last week. During a recent appearance on the wrestling-themed Babyfaces Podcast, Waller attempted to convince the hosts that The Rock does not, in fact, live rent-free inside his head. Interestingly, Grayson explained he was trying to make The Rock relevant again.

Why is Grayson Waller Calling Out The Rock?

"I was over The Rock three seconds after he tweeted me with some mediocre response," Grayson explained. "I was trying to help him out. I went out of my way to go there to make The Rock relevant in WWE again. Obviously, he's a huge global superstar – everyone knows The Roc – he's probably the most well-known professional wrestler of all time, but when it comes to WWE, it's all about what have you done for me lately? He hasn't done nothing for anyone lately, so I was trying to give him a path to come back in – maybe ease him in before Roman and the Bloodline – they have all these things going on. I don't think he was about that."

Grayson even went as far as suggesting that The Rock is scared to get back in the ring and stand toe-to-toe with himself and the rest of the new generation of WWE Superstars.  

"The Rock is at a stage in his life where he knows if he gets back in the ring, all these young, hungry guys, we're not going to sit down and show him the respect," he declared. "We want to fight."

Much like the "rub" that John Cena wanted no part of at Money in the Bank 2023, Waller seems convinced that WWE legends like The Rock would somehow be better off after facing him in the ring one-on-one. At any rate, it looks like he has moved on for the time being – it's clear that The Rock won't be giving him the time of day anytime soon, although as always, things can change in a heartbeat.

I don't think The Rock wanted to fight me," Grayson coyly said. "I've moved on. I gave him his opportunity. He had the chance for the Grayson Waller rub but didn't take it. So I'm going to give that opportunity to someone else."

It's clear to the WWE Universe that Grayson Waller intends to make a name for himself by poking and prodding the grizzly bear known as The Rock. Whether his actions turn out to be the catalyst for The Great One to make a return to WWE remains to be seen – but even in retirement, we don't think The Rock is going to let Grayson get away with any of this!

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