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Carson Daly Begs SVU's Ice-T to Arrest Blake Shelton in Barmageddon Holiday Showdown

All Blake Shelton needed to be good at "Sharts" was a little Christmas Magic — and a wisecrack or two from fellow star Carson Daly in his corner.

By James Grebey

Country music star Blake Shelton is the co-creator of USA Network’s Barmageddon, a game show that pits celebrities against one another in outlandish versions of classic pub games, but he’s not actually good at all of the games. One such game, Sharts, has contestants attempting to pop balloons with darts to reveal emoji clues that will help them guess a certain phrase or idiom. Shelton claims to be quite bad at throwing the darts, but it turns out all he needed was a little Christmas magic.  

How to Watch

Watch Barmageddon on USA Network and Peacock.

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In this clip from Barmageddon's Holiday Special episode, ”Holiday Bartacular: Blake Shelton vs. Ice-T" — which premiered last night on NBC and will premiere next week on USA Network — Shelton squares off with rapper and Law & Order: SVU legend Ice-T. Shelton’s dressed in a full Santa Claus suit, complete with the beard, while Ice T sports a jaunty Barmageddon-branded ugly Christmas sweater. 

Ice-T is no slouch when it comes to throwing darts, but Shelton and his teammate had a slight edge when it came to the puzzle-solving, though Shelton was kicking himself for not having been able to guess the festive idiom a round earlier. 

Watch the clip above, and then head to Peacock to watch the full episode and see whether Ice-T or Shelton has a happier holiday and emerges victorious. 

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The Holiday Special episode of Barmageddon aired on Monday night on NBC and will re-air on USA, the channel where the show typically airs. Season 2 of the show began last month and has featured celebrity guests like Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Rodriguez, Gwen Stefani, and David Arquette. Shelton’s friend and co-creator Carson Daly tends the bar, and wrestling hall-of-famer Nikki Garcia returns as the host. 

Stream ”Holiday Bartacular: Blake Shelton vs. Ice-T” on Peacock, along with all of Season 1. New episodes of the ongoing second season air on USA Network on Mondays at 11 p.m. ET/PT. 

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