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Watch Dexter Lumis Make An Unexpected Return To NXT To Comfort Heartbroken Indi Hartwell

For a few wonderful minutes, NXT’s favorite couple was reunited.

By Chris Phelan
Lumis crawling to Indi Hartwell in the ring

It’s a story as old as time: Two happy people wed, they get torn apart, they reunite. Then one of them is hauled away in handcuffs for, like, the third straight time on WWE television.

(That’s how the story goes, right?)

Last night’s episode of NXT 2.0 gave the WWE Universe a little bit of everything: amazing in-ring action, huge high-stakes matchups announced for the future, and even a little bit of romance was sprinkled in.

Indi Hartwell was inconsolable in the ring after her loss to Blair Davenport, and maybe it was because she was just planted on her neck and shoulder by Blair just a few minutes earlier, but she seemed ... lost. She seemed like she couldn’t control the words coming out of her mouth and into the microphone.

The Capitol Wrestling Center seemed to not know how to react either, as Indi Hartwell has seemed directionless over the past few weeks, unable to get momentum going into her latest stint in NXT.

And then something special happened:

As it turns out, even escaping back home to console your wife can still wind up with yourself in handcuffs.

But we’ll be honest, that was a heck of a kiss.

The CWC was on its feet cheering for the fan-favorite couple, a fascinating reaction to two Superstars who truly defined whirlwind romance as it took twists and turns throughout months of NXT television.

It was an amazing reunion for the couple known as InDex, the same couple who won the hearts of the WWE Universe with their unique courtship and last year’s unforgettable wedding. But it seems like their reunion will be rather short-lived, as Dexter Lumis ... well, he’s been a wild card lately.

Lumis has seemingly made it his mission to get arrested at every WWE event he can attend, as he appears to have set his sights on none other than AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One has been in the ring every time Lumis has appeared (and gotten dragged away in handcuffs), so common sense says that Lumis is after Styles.

Or is he?

On this very website, we’ve acknowledged the bizarre traits of many NXT Superstars — such as the mind games of JD McDonagh and the general creepiness of Joe Gacy. But nobody comes close to matching the ... how should we say this ... “vibe” of Dexter Lumis.

We’re just going to come out and say it: Dexter Lumis gives off major serial killer vibes when he’s not locking lips with Indi Hartwell.

The man is simply capable of anything, and that’s why he’s currently the most dangerous Superstar in all of WWE. He’s dangerous, he’s demented, and he can back up all of his actions with even more impactful actions inside the ring.

What is he doing crashing Monday Night Raw for the past month? What’s his endgame? Is AJ Styles in his crosshairs? And is he putting Indi Hartwell in danger by coming back to NXT for a quick smooch?

Surely he must be running out of bail money by now.

Dexter Lumis is clearly the most unpredictable and chaotic Superstar to appear on Monday nights in quite some time, and he’s not even officially part of the RAW roster! We don’t know what’s going through the mind of Lumis and we don’t know what’s coming next. But we do have a request:

Whatever your master plan is, please keep Indi out of harm’s way.

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