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Dexter Lumis' Weird Car Crash Might Have Out-Weirded All Other Weird WWE Debuts

Dexter Lumis has entered the ring once more, and he's brought his dead-eyed stare with him.

By Ethan Absler
Dexter Lumis

Former NXT Superstar Dexter Lumis has returned to WWE, this time on the main roster. And while he hasn’t even stepped foot in the ring, he's already made a huge impact on RAW’s landscape — and on social media.

Dexter Lumis is known for being odd. His ice-cold stare could penetrate glass from miles away and his mesmerizing but quiet demeanor intrigues fans from all backgrounds. Despite his wacky personality, Lumis means business when he steps foot in the ring and that’s exactly what he tried to do on Monday before he was stopped by RAW security.

Earlier in the show, a car accident backstage was caught on camera in the background of a segment and went unexplained throughout the show. This led many fans to believe the accident was just part of being on live television, but when Lumis emerged during the main event and was tackled by security, many fans made the connection between the crash landing in the parking lot and him crashing the main event.

As AJ Styles wrestled The Miz in a no-disqualification match in the final moments of RAW, the familiar and intimidating stare of Dexter Lumis pierced our television screens as Lumis was spotted in the first row. With a crazed look in his eyes, he tried his hardest to hop the barricade, but security surrounded him and pulled him into a backstage area.

This was a unique WWE debut because instead of preparing fans for somebody’s first time in-ring, Dexter was instead a subtle, but important part of the show. We couldn't help but compare it to the debut of Santino Marella in 2007 when Marella was picked as a fan from the crowd to face Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship and won. It will always be remembered as one of WWE’s greatest debuts, and Lumis’ debut certainly has a similar vibe to Marella’s.

Unorthodox debuts are a great way to springboard a Superstar’s career and give them an interesting angle that not many other sports entertainment performers get the opportunity to have. Lumis has always been mysterious, and his unexpected and unexplained arrival and quick detainment by security has fans wanting more.

Check out what Dexter Lumis and his fellow Superstars get up to next via the WWE Universe on Peacock and USA Network.