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This Legendary WWE Hall Of Famer Has Nothing But Praise For Sami Zayn

The Honorary Uce’s performance over the past few months has gotten the attention of a certain Dead Man!

By Chris Phelan
Split image of The Undertaker and Sami Zayn

Throughout his storied professional wrestling career, the Undertaker was a man of very few words. Not only was he fiercely protective of his character, he rarely commented on the drama and storylines surrounding him.

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But now, in retirement, the Undertaker has become an ambassador of sorts to WWE — and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind if he’s asked to! While you won’t find him joining a pre-event panel of Superstars and analysts or hosting his own YouTube show, the Dead Man no longer shies away from speaking his mind. Earlier this week, the Undertaker spoke with "Sports Illustrated" and couldn’t help but let the world know that he thinks Sami Zayn is arguably the MVP of WWE these days. He also spoke to the tension that consistently bubbles under the surface of the Bloodline, crediting it for giving the entire storyline the energy and intrigue it needs.

“Sami’s character is so intriguing in that whole mix,” he said. “It is very clear who The Bloodline is and what they stand for, and they go out and do their deal. But adding Sami gives so many more layers. Plus, you have that tension between Sami, The Usos, and Roman. It works so well."

The Undertaker can teach a master class on the importance of Superstars and their storylines having nuanced layers, as evidenced by his character’s evolution throughout his WWE career. And having the Dead Man compliment Sami for this is high praise indeed.

This past Monday on RAW, Jey Uso and Sami Zayn were able to reaffirm their allegiance to each other just 48 hours removed from WarGames — it was a rare tender moment for the Bloodline, which is usually defined by dominant physicality and layers of tension amongst its members. That wasn’t the case on Monday:

We’ve waxed poetic for months about how Sami Zayn has transformed himself from a tertiary hanger-on of the biggest faction in WWE to arguably the most vital component of it. The Bloodline — and Roman Reigns in particular — is stronger because of Sami’s involvement, and now with the group at full strength there’s no telling what they’re capable of. The Undertaker agreed with this sentiment, and shined a light on the fact that Sami Zayn has reached his zenith in professional wrestling.

“Sami is a vital part of the whole thing, and he’s never been a bigger star. But this is also important for The Bloodline. It gives them something new. Roman has been champion for over two years. That means he has to go out and beat everyone he faces, right? That’s tough. But it’s a new dynamic with Sami in there," he said.

Undertaker isn’t wrong — Roman Reigns has spent over two years steamrolling every Superstar in his path, but Sami’s involvement in the storyline has kept everything fresh and interesting, which has historically been easier said than done in WWE. And while the Undertaker is clearly enjoying the twists and turns of the Bloodline story up to this point, we can’t wait to see what he thinks of everything over the next few months. With WrestleMania season on the horizon, even the most jaded fan must realize that the best is yet to come as far as the best story WWE has produced in years goes.

This is the part of the year when everything heats up in WWE. And our eyes are already looking to February’s Elimination Chamber event, currently slated to be held in Montreal, which is coincidentally Sami Zayn’s hometown. So we think this storyline can get even hotter — and it’s possibly just gotten started.

If in fact there still are some stubborn members of the WWE Universe who have not been completely enamored with Sami Zayn’s story arc over the past few months, the Undertaker managed to put it bluntly.

“How can you not enjoy this? It’s great storytelling,” he said.

Who are we to argue with the Undertaker, right?

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