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The ‘Vanilla’ Incident You Didn’t See That Led To Iris Dumping George

Iris Jardiel says there was an off-camera "vanilla" incident that led to her cooling things off with George.

By Tyler McCarthy

The “Temptation Island After Show” offers viewers another peek at what the couples were really thinking during the filming of Season 4. In the third episode, the women discussed an off-camera incident that had a big impact on one budding romance.
The ladies watched the surprising moment when Iris Jardiel took single suitor George Maxey aside and told him, despite their immediate and intense connection early on, she no longer wanted to explore anything between them.
“As great as I think you are, I feel like exploring this deep emotional connection we have, might not be what’s best for me right now,” she says during the episode. “I’ve always had boyfriends since high school and I don’t think I ever got a break. All of these relationships either brought me heartbreak or toxicity. It’s not healthy for me to just hop from one relationship to the next, you know?”
While she led with her emotions on-air, during the “Temptation Island After Show,” Iris revealed there was an off-camera incident that made her start to question whether George was truly someone she could see herself dating. Surprisingly, it came down to baking etiquette.
Iris and Ash Lamiroult traded off telling a story about the use of cooking ingredients in the villa. Ash previously asked the production team to provide some vanilla so they could bake for the house. Unfortunately, George went rogue and decided not to share the crucial ingredient while making something of his own.
“Ash asked for bottles of vanilla to make some pies because Ash is a cook and George just decides to use all the vanilla in one dish, which was a red flag,” Iris says. “You don’t use all the vanilla in one dish.”
Aside from making the audience wonder what kind of dish needs an entire bottle of vanilla, Iris explained that the lack of respect George exhibited for another person in the house made her realize she couldn’t trust him the way she hoped.
As for George, Gillian Lieberman reveals that she saw him off-camera shortly after the breakup conversation happened at the villa and says that he did not seem well.
“I remember he came back to the van and drank a lot of wine and was, like, emotional and on the verge of tears,” she says.
Meanwhile, Luke Wechselberger was proud watching the mini-breakup. Hear what he has to say in the “After Show,” which you can watch above. 

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