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What The ‘Temptation Island’ Couples Really Thought Of The Singles’ Introductions

The men and women of "Temptation Island" got their chance to tell-all in the first after show of Season 4.

By Tyler McCarthy

Once again, a new group of couples and singles made their way to “Temptation Island” to see which of their relationships are rock-solid and which can succumb to the allure of a new person. 

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As always, the four couples on the island sat together while they were introduced to a cavalcade of sexy singles, each vying for the attention of their significant other. It didn’t take much to make some of the couples worry about their partner’s commitment in the face of the singles’ flirty one-liners. Fortunately for those wondering how things really went down, the “Temptation Island After Show” lets viewers hear what each of the couples truly thought about the singles’ respective catchy introductions. 

In the first episode of the “Temptation Island After Show” the men and women sat down to re-watch the moment they met their tempters. Needless to say, there were almost no favorable reactions to any of the people who spent weeks trying to steal their partners. 

Gillian Lieberman got the ball rolling by loudly booing single model Trace Winningham, who clearly caught most of the men’s eyes. Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger each revealed they were pretty nervous to see singles who they thought would hit it off with their significant other. 

“You guys. I was so nervous,” Iris tells her fellow ladies. “Like, my heart was racing.”

She notes that she was particularly worried about model and professional roller skater, Olivia Chapman, who took the stage in skates to show off her skills. Given that Luke is a skateboarding enthusiast, Iris was concerned. 

“I could totally just see them strolling down Venice Beach in her rollerblades and his skateboard and I was like, ‘Oh my God, No!’” she explains. 

Luke, meanwhile confessed that he was initially excited to see the women, particularly New Jersey realtor Alexa Coppola, and get to know them in an environment where he was encouraged to “have a good time.” However, when the men started showing Iris some serious attention, his nerves started to show. 

He tells the guys that the show aired Andrew Kujawski pointing directly to Iris to express his interest in her. According to Luke, though, five or six out of the 12 seemed to call their shot in Iris’ direction that night.

For her part, Iris picked up on her partner’s anxiety in the moment.

“I felt like I was holding Luke’s hand through it, basically because I think he was freaking out the whole time and I could feel his ego getting crushed a little bit,” she states. 

Edgar De Santiago and Gillian Lieberman, meanwhile, were on totally different wavelengths when it came to meeting the singles. Edgar says that he was barely looking at the women because his jealousy had him “so honed in on the guys.” However, he had no clue Gillian’s first thought when the doors opened was that none of the men were her type.

“Like, I want to be into them because that’s what we’re here to do is explore our options, but so far my best option is still Edgar,” she tells the girls. 

Ashley Rodriguez, on the other hand, could tell that her partner, Lascelles Lagares, was eyeing some of the girls immediately. He confessed during the after show that, indeed, Alexa, Trace and Meghan Pilkington were the people he immediately locked in on. 

Perhaps the most surprising reaction came from Ash Lamiroult, who noticed one of the singles, Madelyn Rusinyak (better known as Juicy), was eyeing Hania Stocker. Ash was immediately jealous… of Hania. 

“When Juicy pointed at Hania and was like ‘your man.’ I was like, ‘You can have him, we should go on a date,”” Ash joked. “Like, the first thing I thought, I was like ‘sharing is caring… I’m right next to him. Hi, me, me!’”

Ash even jokingly speculated that perhaps they were in the wrong villa the whole time. 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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