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‘I Don’t Deserve Any Of That': Iris And Luke React To The Guys Roasting Their Relationship

Luke Wechselberger and Iris Jardiel responded to Deac Conti and James Patterson's vicious roasting of him and their relationship on "Temptation Island." 

By Tyler McCarthy
Temptation Island: Luke Upset Over At Bonfire

Luke Wechselberger and Iris Jardiel got to watch a mashup of the single men of Season 4 viciously lambasting him for his behavior in their relationship on the latest episode of the “Temptation Island After Show.”  

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Iris has made it clear throughout her time on “Temptation Island” that she needs Luke to work on himself by reflecting and reevaluating the way he treats her. So far, he seems to have taken that to heart and has spent most of his time (somewhat) avoiding temptation with the single ladies. 

However, Iris hasn’t had a chance to see that. So, all she can do is be honest with the singles in her villa about her issues with Luke. On this week’s “Temptation Island After Show,” they both watched as singles Deac Conti and James Patterson took a private moment by the pool to completely roast Luke based on what they’d heard about him from Iris.

Their critiques ranged from saying he is “insecure” to calling him a “grade-A a******.” However, they both seemed to take specific issue with the fact that, despite Luke being a successful entrepreneur, he and Iris still frequently split checks. 

“When I had conversations with Deac, I was real about everything, even down to the splitting checks part because we used to split checks a lot and I was always fine with it,” Iris told the ladies. “Then, after talking to these boys more, like James and Deac, they were like, ‘That’s not normal.’”

She continued, “The money thing was never a thing for me. I was never after Luke’s money. I’ve never been financially dependent. I always supported myself. So to hear them say this to me was like a revelation.” 

Meanwhile, Luke watched helplessly with the other coupled guys as he was ruthlessly mocked. Fortunately, he took it in stride.

“I know they never really got a chance to meet or speak to me, so it’s a little front running to judge someone like that but it’s still based on what Iris is telling them,” he said, adding,  “I can’t deny what Iris was saying was invalid because it was still valid. All that stuff was true.” 

He went on to speculate that Iris would not have been happy had she actually heard what Deac and James were saying about him.

It turns out he’s right. Iris told the women that she felt some of the language they used was “a little unnecessary,” but maintained that the sentiment behind it was something she needed to hear. 

“Calling him a douchebag and all that, that was a little unnecessary but maybe it was a little wake-up call for him,” she said. “That it’s going to be like, ‘Oh, I need to step my game up and do better.'"

Ash Lamiroult chimed in to note that Deac and James aren’t the only ones who look down on Luke’s behavior. 

“They’re definitely not the only guys that judge him like that,” Ash explained. “There’s are other men that see you and go what a f***ing clown.’”

Luke concluded by saying he ultimately chose to take the high road and not stoop to name-calling. 

“The knee-jerk reaction when you hear someone talking crap about you is to immediately fire back and make some stupid thing about what they’re wearing, what they look like, just stupid superficial stuff, and that’s just an immature way to go at things,” he said. “It was more me realizing, ‘Hey, I’m not going to be immature and deflect on this stuff or just start name-calling them.’ It was more of a, ‘I’m going to listen and hear them out on what these issues are and that’s where I need to come in and fix those [things] and give them zero reasons to judge me like that ever again.’”

Will Luke change enough to meet Iris’ expectations? Will Iris be able to see the change Luke makes before falling for Deac? Fans will just have to tune into the remainder of “Temptation Island” Season 4 to find out. 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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