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‘My Emotions Were Too Good Of A Cliffhanger’: The Couples React To Edgar And Gillian’s Promise Ring

After Edgar De Santiago got upset over Gillian Lieberman talking about her promise ring, she revealed more about what that promise really was during the "Temptation Island After Show."

By Tyler McCarthy

Who knew a promise ring could be so controversial?

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In the second episode of the “Temptation Island After Show,” the coupled men and women get together in groups once again to watch the latest episode and share what they were really thinking while cameras were rolling.

In the first bonfire of the season, one of the most emotional moments occurred when Edgar De Santiago watched his girlfriend of three years, Gillian Lieberman, discuss possibly removing her promise ring. The clip showed telling single suitor Tommy Soltis she’s not sure if she should keep her promise ring on during her “Temptation Island” experience if they’re both trying to test the waters of their relationship and make connections with other people.

Edgar, though, did not see it that way. After seeing the clip, he got very emotional, telling host Mark L. Walberg he feels as though his girlfriend is already throwing everything they’ve shared out the window. Watching that moment for the first time, Gillian and the other ladies can’t help but mock Edgar for completely misinterpreting what his girlfriend was saying.

“He’s going to spiral,” Gillian says as the other girls shout that he’s being “so dramatic!”

When they see Edgar tell the host Gillian merely considering taking off the ring “hurts” him, Ash Lamiroult pulls no punches in responding.

“It’s still on your finger, you wiener!” Ash shouts.

Gillian and the women grow more frustrated at the bonfire footage as they watch Edgar begin to cry and explain how affected he is to hear Gillian doesn’t want the ring anymore. Gillian almost leaps out of her chair when Walberg comes to her defense at the bonfire, noting to Edgar she didn’t say she no longer wants the ring.

“Thank you, Mark! Thank you, Mark!” she shouts.

The groups are shocked to see the episode ends mid-bonfire on Edgar spiraling out of control over the promise ring.

“Sorry guys, my emotions were too good of a cliffhanger,” he says.

Edgar then gives the whole story to the guys, revealing he gave it to her after cheating as a way to apologize and prove he’s committed to her, despite straying with another woman.

Hania Stocker, who has his own issues when it comes to infidelity, offers his keen insight into the situation.

“When you’ve been a piece of s–t, it, like, hurts to look at yourself because you never really believe that you are a piece of s–t,” he says.

In hindsight, Edgar admits he may not have considered the full scope of things when he got emotional about the promise ring on the show.

“You build up ideas in your head, images of what you think the other person is also experiencing and the experience you’ve shared together,” he says.

He later adds: "Maybe I wasn’t listening either, completely."

Gillian, meanwhile, does her best to put his feelings in context, which you can see in the video, above.

Does Edgar’s realization about his relationship come too late to save it? 

"Temptation Island" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network. Catch up now on USA Network.

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