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Seth Rollins Can’t Let Go Of His Cody Rhodes Grudge & Sneak-Attacks With A Sledgehammer

While it seemed like Seth Rollins was ready to make amends with Cody Rhodes, it was all an act.

By Gina Tron
Seth Rollins walking to the ring wearing a black and white, patterned suit

Seth Rollins just can’t let go of his anger toward Cody Rhodes.

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Despite suffering a complete pectoral tear — leaving him with a huge, horrific bruise on his chest — shortly before their "Hell in a Cell" match on Sunday, Rhodes went on to beat out Rollins for a third consecutive time. And best of all? He used a sledgehammer to do it.

Rhodes was hoping this monumental match could close out their months-long feud, which has often involved pokes at his father by Rollins; Sunday was no exception as Rollins wore a polka dot suit to mock the late Dusty Rhodes.

“The chapter, the trilogy, it's been written, the book is closed, it's in the archives,” Rhodes declared to the crowd at WWE’s Monday Night Raw. “I am officially done with Seth Rollins.”

But he spoke too soon.

Not long after, Rollins’ entrance music began blasting and the man himself strutted out. Or, limped out, rather, as a result of their "Hell in a Cell" match.

However, Rollins did seem earnest — even modest. At least, at first.

“I still do not like you but after what you put yourself through last night you have earned my respect,” he said, calling Rhodes the “toughest person” he’s ever been in the ring with.

He then went on to add a sweet sentiment about Rhodes’ father: “I know [I'm] the last person you need to hear this from, but Dusty is very, very proud of his baby boy right now.”

Rollins continued the act, referencing a contentious handshake he and Rhodes shared at The Raw at WrestleMania and he extended his hand once again. Rhodes shook it, with hesitation, but the hesitation was warranted. Rollins has had it out for Rhodes ever since Rhodes defeated Rollins at last month's WrestleMania. They had a rematch at WrestleMania Backlash where Rhodes won again. Rollins has been fuming ever since — and this weekend's "Hell in a Cell" match didn't help.

While it appeared Rollins left the ring with grace after that handshake, he came running back not long after with the sledgehammer from "Hell in a Cell" and attacked Rhodes from behind! He then began ripping Rhodes’ shirt off to reveal his severely bruised chest before proceeding to stomp on the injured area and pushing at it with the sledgehammer. It was a chaotic scene, with WWE officials doing their best to tear him away from Rhodes.

Rolllins made it crystal clear that not only is he twisted but that his grudge with Rhodes is far from over.

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